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  1. you might be able to extract the models from subnautica but im not sure how legal that is.
  2. it is stock. it's just antennae and a fuel cell
  3. they shrink down and climb into the suit then grow they require a bowl of water to regrow though
  4. ...made out of dirt The building is a VAB...
  5. I grab the cookie from you and dissapear into the breadlines
  6. will the mission builder be integrated with contracts? will there be contracts that have specific pre-made missions that you have to complete?
  7. in which building will the mission builder take place? (probably mission control)
  8. i just went through the wiki. you have me dumbfounded you really do KSS team. how long have you been working on this?
  9. i build giant behemoths that are usually impractical but look nice i took this one to tylo
  10. skiddle skidish i have granted your wish https://spacedock.info/mod/961/MechVal is is for 1.1.3 though but it might work
  11. @Jebs-A-BADASS may you please elaborate?
  12. i think they mean the eluc 3d printed kerbal figures
  13. Not yet I suppose? Perhaps this thread will somehow outlive the game
  14. link is broken (probably from licence violations) what mods are in the pack?
  15. 1 set terrain settings to low 2 turn off ground scatters these significantly reduce lag on celestial bodies
  16. I knew they were coming but I thought they were making history exclusive
  17. ive noticed that there are 6 decoupler sizes. will any other parts of the new sizes be in 1.4?
  18. with bon voyage i use rovers to visit monoliths and get those sweet free tech tree nodes
  19. i have played with 100+ mods in 1.3.1 and only had 1 crash (the game takes an hour to load though)
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