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  1. KSP EE could have some sort of system that allows the player to adjust the size of the screen. I don’t know why my game is always cropped, and I can’t see all the informations in the screen. I can’t either change anything in my TV settings, only to even worse. Is it possible to add this setting in the next patch of the game ? Thanks. It would be great if it was related to mods. I’d definitely buy it. Goat simulator has a system in which you can turn on and off pre installed mods.
  2. Mine is called “Kerman everything and +”. My company does everything, since nuclear powered, anti nuke cristhmas threes to super efficient rockets that wheight 3,6 tons, and can go anywhere you want.
  3. Would it be possible to convert this software in an app ? It could be an App Store one or a Play Store one.
  4. Usually ICBMs are stored for a long time, and should be launched as quickly as possible after the comand. It might be some kind if cold gas powered RCS.
  5. Thanks for helping me. The only problem I have is that my computer runs on windows XP 32bit, so the newest version of the Matlab software I can use is the R2015b, which is quite older than the one you recommended. Do you think it might be a problem ?
  6. I think it might not be a problem. I have used this tool before “https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/“ and it worked really well. So I would like to try thr TOT in order to find which is better when playing on consoles. Thanks
  7. Ok, what about console players ? As I can’t download mods to KSP EE, I would totally pay to have mods like RO, Engineer Redux, and others. What do you think they can do ? If in PC players get bored because they’ve achieved all the goals, you can’t imagine how it is to play only in the console.
  8. I am playing on Xbox, so I wonder if there is a way to run the KSP TOT without the ksp installed in my computer. This way, I could insert the details of my orbit, and time to run a simulation. If there were is no way to run the TOT without KSP, is there any other similar software to do so ?
  9. Thanks. I am learning everything again as the KSP changed. It is the first time (in the consoles) we can use cheats, and I am using them to learn how to play
  10. Hello folks ! I am playing KSP Enhanced Edition, and I would like to use the cheats menu to destroy things with the "Object thrower", but I really don't know how to throw objects. What button do I need to press ?
  11. Just english and portuguese. I think I speak english better than portuguese, but I am good at speaking the two ones.
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