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  1. Updates on this issue, hence reviving this thread. The problem seemingly disappeared using the latest version of the game and reinstalling all mods. I'll now mark it as solved, albeit I haven't been able to concretely identify the exact point of failure. Thanks for all those who helped !
  2. I am having the same issue, even with no other mods on a completely brand new instance. Using Linux too, KSP 1.11.2 (from Steam). Any help will be much appreciated.
  3. I have tested again, on Windows, having AVP installed on top of EVE, and the issue did not appear there. In both cases I have also tested with a generic ultra-cheap desktop mouse and noted no improvement on Linux (the Corsair mouse was unplugged and ckb was disabled and stopped before launching the game). I shall try reinstalling my graphics mods on Linux. Oh, should've mentioned that I have freshly reinstalled my graphics drivers (using nvidia-drivers-455, the latest).
  4. Oh. My mouse is a Corsair Harpoon (forgot the exact model), but I do have a configuration tool for it working on Linux (namely, ckb-next). Should I look into changing something in there? And there's the fact that, if Kerbin is not in view, wobbling the mouse around doesn't destroys my framerate, for it only happens when Kerbin, or parts of Kerbin, are entering the view. I'd suppose something like caching/rendering terrain that is out of the view and needs to be reloaded/reprocessed as it enters the view and needs to be rendered by the game engine. Scatterer alone hits my performance hard, but since I can still sustain "acceptable" framerates (from 60 to 40 depending on the situation), and that large crafts around 1000 parts always results in a slideshow, even on a vanilla install, I'd rather keep it than lay my eyes once more on the astonishingly terrible stock water texture. I rather meant that it is within and above the recommended specs. Of course there is no computer on this planet being able to play KSP perfectly. This game is so heavy in resources and so terribly optimised that it would require an infinite processing power ; or at least extremely expensive hardware to flawlessly cover most of the scenarios encountered by players who pushes the game farther than the standard, moderately sized spaceship on rails.
  5. Aloha ! I am suffering extreme lag (down under 3 FPS) when panning around the view with my mouse while flying in the atmosphere. Panning with the arrows keys doesn't cause such a massive drop (there is still a slight drop in FPS, by something like 5 to 10, negligible). I'm pretty surprised, given that my hardware is perfectly suited to play KSP (I run almost all latest games smoothly at 60FPS, including RDR2 or AC Valhalla), and I don't remember having this issue in the past. My average FPS is around 50 while flying in the atmosphere, 60 anywhere else. The plane I've been using is rather small, 20 parts or so. The same lag spikes also happens when I'm in space (on rails) and I bring back Kerbin in the viewport (but not when Kerbin is either entirely out or in the viewport). That led me to think that heavy lag spikes occurs whenever large areas of Kerbin are suddenly displayed or hidden, like by panning around in flight or bringing back Kerbin in view. Small movements are most of the time unaffected, and using the keys moves the view slower, making terrain being shown in view at a slower rate. I may try reproducing this later on Windows. I have the following setup: GPU : Nvidia GTX 1660TI - 6gb VRAM CPU : i5 9400H RAM : 24 gb (one 8gb and one 16gb) Some visual mods are installed : Scatterer, Scatterer Sunflares, EVE, Planetshine, TUFX. Thanks by advance for your help & consideration. F.E.
  6. Character encoding. May differ from areas and browser settings, although this shouldn't usually happen. It's probably due to a copy-pasting from a text encoded in a different charset.
  7. Nice ! I like how the new cargo bays fits well their role of VTOL doors !
  8. This thing is purely gorgeous ! I fell in love for this IVA, and I'm eager to see the Mk1-3 version !
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a way to extract hi-res data from KSP, like Kerbin's heightmaps. What I would be ideally looking for is the kind of data provided by tools such as KerbalMaps. I should precise that I'm quite new to KSP modding/hacking. Please also note that I'm not looking for those 8000×4000 heightmap PNGs that can be easily found. Thanks by advance for your answers !
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