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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jnb9gagfsnql1fr/AADeGJ9DEGsOQjaPg3oPvOi6a?dl=0 Save file. mods: TweakScale TarsierSpaceTech Science Relay PlanetaryBaseInc OrbitalSurveyPlus NearFuture Electrical, Props, Propulsion, Solar, Spacecraft and Construction Kis and Kas InterstellarFuelswitch Extraplanetary Launchpads EasyVesselSwitch DMagicOrbitalScience DynamicBatteryStorage And the necessary mods for other mods. Also a few recommended ones.
  2. It wasn`t a game crash but a computer crash ! And it has this error message in the main menu when i choose a save file. The Error Accesing this save is in red and under that the Argument cannot be null right under it samller in grey. And yes, i quicksave all the time.
  3. So when i was building a new spacecraft for my game, my computer crashed, resulting in a broken save file. It says "Error Accesing this save" and "Argument cannot be null. " under the first error message. I really don`t wan`t to lose my save file because i already played on it for 60 Hours. Is there anything i can do ? This is my first thread, so i hope this is the right section.
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