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  1. So using the tourist contract pack I have been requested to build a 50 person hotel. I don't have the larger cabins yet so I am building it in units of 4. To make sure I meet the request I am doing 14 launches. Today I managed to do 7. Heres some pictures of the construction of Profitus Maximus! 1st and second module attached. 2 delivery ships in the mix as well. A little mishap occurred during the 6th rendezvous...Still have 2 other engines so its all good. Tomorrow I will launch the other 7 and hopefully make some money out of this junk yard... I mean hotel.
  2. Awesome. Thanks
  3. In KSP what actually defines these for the game? I Just tried making a base on kerbin but it only recognizes it as a ship. The same happened when I wanted to make a station in orbit. Thanks.
  4. Ah ok, makes sense.
  5. I was referring to the ability to click on the inventory icon but it wouldn't open during EVA. Thanks for picking up that module manager error. I read CKAN wrong. I thought it was installed but it had AD beside it what ever that means.
  6. Hello I seem to be having the same problem as other with not being able to access the external containers. Here's my log, thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hn6asdz0pgljtxb/output_log.txt?dl=0
  7. So now I want to listen to that song..thanks Also my Jeb is splat somewhere on kerbin... Before I even knew about the 4 orange suits that are the only orange ones... 25 kerbals later and now I find out I messed up my career along time ago lol
  8. Alright sounds good. It was more for rescuing kerbals in orbit so maybe it might be enough. Thanks!
  9. I guess as far a minmus
  10. Whats the best craft you have for rescue missions?
  11. Wow that's pretty impressive. I like how it all fits so well. I'm still trying to get the tech for all of this in my Career mode
  12. I'm fairly new to mods so what is a CisMunar Economy?
  13. Ah ok. Not sure if this helps or not, but I noticed that when I eva my kerbal out of the craft and then back in the electricity resets back to where it should be.
  14. Thanks! The new rockets look awesome too.
  15. In regards to the satellites you have. Which one has more range, the navsat or the keosat? Thanks