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  1. Just watched in the DSN now app and found this : Could they be preparing for the EM1 mission ?
  2. Depends on how much fuel is left. If there is like nothing, it makes a short hop and then burns out. If there is to much, well, going to water I guess
  3. Pretty good programming with adaptability(?)
  4. Hm, would the S1 have managed the transition from a water trajectory to the one to the pad if it spins? Can the engines counteract it effectivly ? Single Engine burn, so no roll control
  5. And it looked like the problem was only regarding landing phase, so it may be not even a problem for normal launches
  6. Well "normal" landing , just not in the right spot
  7. After a second look on the video of stage 1, the two grid fins in view tried to correct the roll the right way. Question is now: what did the other two fins that time and why has the S1 started rolling at all? Could it be because of strong winds?
  8. oh man, I could feel the wobble of the first stage from my ksp "landings" I think the stage 1 decided it couldn't make it safely to land and went into water for safety of ground builds
  9. Lets look if the clouds like me today, maybe I can get pictures of the burn
  10. They have no coverage of downlink of the second stage over the ocean, so no video