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  1. Nightfury

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    In the last few seconds of the video, is the second stage (the middle booster) tipping to the left? Does not look good (play at 0.25x speed)
  2. Nightfury

    2mm hole in ISS

    Small question: Is there even a way of drilling a hole in Space (on the ISS)? I know they have "screwdrivers" for EVA's, but is there a suitable drill head for that ?
  3. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There are structural enhancements in the FH core, which make it possible to handle the boosters. These are adding weight to the core and if you aren't flying a Falcon Heavy, you would just lose performance, payload mass and therefore money. So indirect yes
  4. Nightfury

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    First few pictures I took yesterday with my old telescope I've got years ago: First is Jupiter. You can see some cloud bands of you look closely Saturn. A bit blurry, but the rings are clearly visible:
  5. Nightfury

    KSP Challenge: Stylish Decay!

    I guess they do it this way too, for the people who don't have MH / Mission Builder. It's fun nevertheless
  6. Nightfury

    KSP Challenge: Stylish Decay!

    Here is my entry: No fancy music or editing, just the important things At 120% entry heat Was really hard to get Jeb not exploding all the time, that's why I needed to slow him down enough ( shielding by a heatshield or bay doesn't work)
  7. Nightfury

    KSP Challenge: Stylish Decay!

    Huh, these little guys are more fragile than I thought
  8. Nightfury

    KSP Challenge: Stylish Decay!

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED even if I'm not the intentioned person
  9. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    When the exposure time is too high , even a half moon apears as a whole. Would be possible if you want to see the engine
  10. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Was that bright spot in the back the moon ?
  11. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Oh come on , right as the satellite got into view , they switch cams
  12. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Oooh , mr. Steven cams
  13. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Regarding the legs: no folding up on this one
  14. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think the light, which comes from the camera, reflected from the foil at the top of the engine
  15. Nightfury

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    1:30 too soon