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  1. I want to launch from other places because firstly, I want to have fun with it and secondly, it would make some contracts easier. I tried looking for a 1.3 version of Kerbin Side and KSC Switcher but I could not find one. And is there a way to get Camera tools to work with 1.3? I have seen other people use it on 1.3 Thank you in Advance
  2. It is Duna, I am not using RSS. Well, I landed the base 7 kilometers away from it, So I had to get it closer. 300 metres is the best I can do.
  3. I have an IRSU unit on the base, Though my rocket is 300 meters away and I cannot move it. And I was already planning to colonize, But not so soon. The project of the Duna Lander was rushed, therefore I forgot an IRSU.
  4. With parachutes they could land where test base is. They are living there right now.
  5. Maybe. But I would not think it could even escape the velocity, and I cannot send another mission there. Too expensive, The rescue plan is a copy of the martian "Hermes" But I think launch costs will be around a million, and a million more for the vehicle, So that will not work. Edit: I did try! It (Drumroll).... Failed miserably. Turns out that 1000 DeltaV could only take me too 6900-7000 meters. Who could have guessed!?
  6. Thank you, But I need to find out if they can even make it to orbit. So I will wait for others to reply. And the mission is not done yet. 62 days of and 160 days stay on mars.
  7. Hello! Today I made my greatest achievement, Landing on Duna. But the problem is I only have 1730 DeltaV, Is this enough to get into orbit and home? And if no, Is there anyway I can escape. I cannot make a rocket to go and save it. So if anyone have an answer please reply. Thank you ^.^
  8. I installed Stock Visual Enhancements so I could have storms and clouds. And then this happened to every planet with an atmosphere There is a big white "Halo" or some kind of clouds around the planets. (I do not know how to attach a file so I cannot get a picture but if you know what I mean please help) Thanks ^.^