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  1. I HAVE PROOF! You've been found out, now admit it! Now, leak us some files or I shall unite the forum and we shall riot. The destruction will be on your hands and no one else's
  2. i know, now imagine building the individual rockets and playing it. 3 words... nuclear carpet bombs
  3. im looking forward to a new BD armory and people start on different planets or different parts of the planet with the goal of nuking each others colonies to oblivion until only one person/team remains
  4. Cool, thank you for the info Out of curiosity, is there anyway for me to disable the omni antennas or am I SOL until I deploy all my mini probes? Also will the data rate go up once I am far enough away that they alone can no longer communicate with KSC?
  5. Weird, I'm seeing this: Mod List: In fact, looking specifically at the Communotron 8 I have: L1 - 22.4Mm L2 - 112Mm L3 - 250Mm Which is different, do any of these mods look like they would mess with Kerbalism? (I have applied your remedy to "Research Bodies" as explained earlier in the thread)
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo................... So is there any way for me to find out what my transmission rates are going to be because all is see in the tooltips is Mits/s and I dont know how that translates into kbps or how it diminishes over distance. Also will having weaker omni antennas on my craft like the 16-S going to diminish my transmission rates in some form of averaging? I just dont know what the general mechanic for this is
  7. Gunna say though, if they just showed us some part models I would be exstatic
  8. Those are referring to KSP 1 not 2 so they should be irrelevant
  9. 6x DTS-M1 6x 16-S 1x 88-88 the DTS-M1's and 16-S are attached via sub probes that will later leave the mothership. I am only orbiting kerbin at 75k and my max bandwidth is about 25 kbps
  10. Is it intentional that multiple antennas cant work together to increase transmission bandwidth?
  11. Some people here dont seem to understand whats going on... You get: A) Paid DLC B)Micro transactions C)The studio runs out of spending money from lack of revenue and stops updating the game Pick one
  12. Ok, so I know that I should be able to receive science from this, have I set up the experiment wrong or is this just possibly a bug? If needed I can provide my mod list/log.