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  1. mcwaffles2003

    part not recognised

    Any idea if I can just edit the cfg file?
  2. mcwaffles2003

    part not recognised

    It's funny because the parts comes from seti-probeparts and the mission was a seti satellite mission
  3. playing on 1.4.2 and have a decent amount of mods mod list: I have a satellite mission, send satellite into orbit blah blah needs a materials bay. The Seti-ProbeParts provides a materials bay "9001-Science Jr. mini" which is a .625m version of the Science jr. but the mission doesnt recognize that it is a materials bay. looked into the .cfg file and compared the 2 to see if i could just edit a value but the formats are different and the Seti-ProbeParts .cfg directly references to squads model. If anyone know a quick fix, please let me know
  4. ok, im dumb, the engine isnt searchable and was under rovers... thanks for the input guys
  5. my mod kit: got it from a recent quill18 stream problem: When i research this tech, the engine is unavailable. Can't be found under any tab or in search. Is this just a place holder icon that's been left there?
  6. Hi, i just got this mod but i cant find the experimental storage unit any more, where can i transfer my experiments now? or do i have to put crew cabins on my rovers now?