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  1. The video shows the rocket separation in space though
  2. Base it's tech level out of the tech tree. Early stuff requires more weight and has higher ablation speeds and as the player advances material cost goes up but they are lighter/have slower ablation rates. I dont every part needs to be based out of specific materials for rarity.
  3. Really hoping KSP 2 gets this level of scatter
  4. Analogies don't need to be one to one like that... This game is already sidestepping a lot of SoL delay side-effects and this seems like a weird one to stick to, in my opinion. SoL delay affects space program research but not craft communication? It's just not my cup of tea man.
  5. Why add this infrastructural complication to the game which offers no gameplay benefit that only serves to make the game more difficult to understand? Really, what does delaying science updates add to the gameplay experience? Feels a lot like having to simulate walking to the fight from home in street fighter Morty's indignance is my own in this matter.
  6. If we aren't including general/special relativity or even input delay to probes then this shouldn't be considered. It's just convoluting.
  7. in the twitter thread " How many new systems: "Multiple." " Minimum 2 new systems for the people saying only 1 new system, first time I've seen this info.
  8. Maybe this matters on a per fuel or per engine basis then as looking at footage of the merlin engine, the plume is very dim while I agree seeing the Rutherford engine on the electrons second stage resembles the video better. Though the fuel argument in this case doesn't work as both engines run with RP-1, maybe nozzle material or combustion completeness? Either way, I see what you are pointing out, thank you.
  9. Anyone else notice the less noodliness of the rocket? But is it just me or are the plumes really vibrant in space? I get if its a bit of fiction for game aesthetics, Im just comparing against how spacex vids and RP1 have shown me.
  10. If you are in space, so long as the nearby star is not in your vision, the light from it does not matter as none of it is being reflected back to your eyes to ruin your night vision. The sky would appear brighter than if you were stranded on a remote island in the ocean at midnight. In my experience, just a bortle 2 zone, the sky is very vibrant. Same can be said about a body with no atmosphere so long as you are looking away from both the sun and the surface.
  11. I think we will se a lot of different resources and I'm hoping they're strategically placed for gameplays sake. I imagine we will start with kerosene and move on to hydrogen and methane, touching in a bit on uranium and Xenon. I think it would make sense to have players build their first mining colony on Kerbin as to make it simpler to teach the mechanic so maybe Uranium, Xenon, and possibly Argon or Krypton (depending on dev interests in ion thrusters) will be walled off from the KSC but still on Kerbin in rare amounts comparatively to some of the rest of the games worlds. I think the Mun will be the first place we find usable quantities of H2 and H3. Enough to start a fusion ship program but not enough to fully develop it. I think in general heavier elements should be found in higher concentrations on both planets nearest their star and asteroids while lighter elements will be found in higher concentrations among further celestial bodies. I'm guessing metallic hydrogen, if it is able to be harvested, will be found among gas giants and we will need ways of pulling it out of their cores from orbit. I get the feeling the devs haven't told us of every technology we will find yet and have suspicions that antimatter will make an appearance and perhaps we will either need to build a tech to create it or hopefully it can be harvested around exotic bodies with a bit of skirting reality for gameplays sake. Speaking on resources other than fuels I think some planets may be fuel barren but rich in metals required to build engines giving players the puzzle of creating a space logistics network capable of providing fuel to necessary metal harvesting colonies that can not harvest their own fuel to ship those precious metals. Overall I think the resource system will be deep enough to drive players to seek new worlds and harvest their resources while also streamlining the system so it doesn't take TOO much from the core gameplay. I like Factorio and wouldn't mind seeing some of its elements in KSP 2, but I don't want space Factorio. This kind of system can help prevent players from never leaving Kerbin's SOI by leaving carrots for players to chase after while also making the whole space program feel more rooted in reality helping people understand why humans may one day benefit from expanding into space.
  12. I'm not miserable... and I think its fair to say most here on the forums aren't either. Infact most people have been chanting "take as long as you need". Also, you've never posted anything here that's not bashing the devs but rant like they owe you something. It comes off as very entitled, jsyk.
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