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  1. You should still be able to get 256 kerbals, just the first one is labeled "kerbal 0"
  2. If the server is going to have an overarching goal for players or groups of players to race toward as an objective I think we will need more information about the game as a whole to speculate on how such a competition/interaction could work. Depending on the management systems implemented to account for how the single player experience will be managed with large scale projects while still being feasible will really shape what we can/can't do in this realm. There are just too many unanswered questions at this point. For instance: How will resource management be handled? (will trade b
  3. It's a nice idea but think of the difficulties we face sometimes when placing parts in the SPH/VAB. You would only be able to drag a 3D orbit in 2 dimensions and I see it creating more hassle, not less. Perhaps a system where you can click and drag an (apo/peri)apsis and it is extended in the plane of the already existing orbit though or alt+clicking an orbit allows you to make a rotational axis node at that point for changing the inclination of the orbit.
  4. Factorio changed a lot about their game in EA quite well. I think the key to doing so though is good communication between the devs and the audience as to why the changes are being made and how the vision of the game is being altered. Factorio's FFF definitely helps them a lot in their relationship with their community
  5. I'm a fan of the "leave it to the mods" philosophy. The purpose of the base game, in my mind, is to: set a minimum scope of play create a solid foundation to mod off of provide a general direction for how the game is intended to be played
  6. Having 2 30m wide spherical tanks has a higher surface area to volume ratio than having a single 30m wide by 60m long cylindrical tank and higher surface area to volume leads to worse thermal problems.
  7. Dude... If its not illegal, you can't sue. Do you even know how to basic laws? It's literally not.
  8. @Kernel Kraken Its still not illegal to write original code and post it... even if T2 wanted they couldnt sue
  9. I would definitely be open to them making a DLC largely separated from the stock game while still part of KSP 2 if KSP is a hit and can afford a small teams to dedicate to it alongside having the main team continue to work on the main game and its updates/DLC.
  10. T2 owns KSP 1 as well and no mods have been sued yet... why would that start now when modability is a focused feature? Also how could anyone even get sued so long as the code isn't copied and violating copyright? It's not illegal to write original code and post it
  11. You do realize that the different series of COD are developed by different developers right? Modern warfare is developed by Infinity ward and Ghosts is developed Treyarch for instance. They are different series made by different studios. Not to mention KSP 3 is at nearest a decade away and we have no clue what the full scope of KSP 2 is whereas CoD is the same game over and over just reskinned with a continued story. So speculation on KSP 3 seems a bit pointless, and no, there is 0 chance KSP 3 comes out b4 KSP 2, that is blatantly rediculous.
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