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  1. That's fair. I say just so long as everything continues in series it's fine and if you know you want a certain thing to happen in order, then why not. Not like it hurts anything anyways.
  2. I have no problem with incorporating better ion engines like those introduced in near future technology, but other things like their increased mass should also be reflected. Essentially I just don't want to see the Isp go arbitrarily high as a payoff for reducing the thrust when reducing the thrust was evening out an imbalance that already existed.
  3. Sure, but the point wasn't just to show what the rocket looks like at each stage, but to give more room with which to organize stages.
  4. I'm not on the realism thing either, I just find it a bit ridiculous that you can get a kerbal to orbit from Duna on an ion thruster when the thrust of an ion thruster is supposed to be comparable to the weight of a piece of paper sitting on a table. A ship the mass of a car shouldn't get lifted from 5 ion engines...
  5. Once in orbit TWR won't matter as much anyways since the engine will be running while you're not looking
  6. Wow... you are right.... Could have sworn jet engines worked, but nope. My bad.
  7. The Isp is actually already at realistic values: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_thruster#Comparisons
  8. The whole reason they were buffed was because running an ion engine with realistic thrust for days/weeks is not practical. But KSP 2 is allowing thrust while a vessel isn't being focused on so long burns aren't a problem anymore. So should KSP 2 nerf the buffed ion engines to more reasonable values since it no longer has a reason to compensate?
  9. I'd like to see something like kerbal construction time to be included as it would bring an extra value to creating reusable spacecraft
  10. I thought about specifying not the Kerbol planets for continuity's sake but honestly I wouldn't mind if it changed. That said though, yeah, if nuclear jet engines get included they would still work since they don't rely on oxygen anyway
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