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  1. Nate has mentioned post launch he would like to look at VR support, hope this stays on the radar
  2. Umm, no one here said or even hinted that's not welcome, it's weird though that you seem to take offense to the notion as stated... Oh I don't mean to be pessimistic, I just was stating the situation as it is at the moment. People with noting positive to say and just relentlessly complain will get bored and go away eventually, right? RIGHT? O_O please tell me I'm right Q _Q Seriously though, I've never blocked people before (not just here, anywhere, I don't like blocking people) because I have hopes that they may produce at least an iota of useful thought in the future but I have a small list now and I don't like it.
  3. @Klapaucius I've taken a break from both the game and the forum besides once in a while visiting to see if news hits. I've taken a break from the game as it's pretty broken and lacking features and it felt like any bugs I reported weren't doing anything or I didn't know if I was reporting something that's been reported 100 times. Seriously a public bug list would be appreciated... I've taken a break from the forums because whiny people that haven't even been here for 6 months are just crying with no suggestions of improvement have flooded here and it's just not really fun to interact here in general anymore with that going on. This place used to be pretty positive and now it just feels kinda toxic.
  4. @Lisias Again, depending on the Country you live on, part of this statement may be dead letter to you - but the EULA clearly states that you can modify and alter the Software if a consent is given. And, you see, we have explicit consent to modify the game, formalised on the Add'On Posting Rules. Wouldn't nate saying that mods are acceptable and writing it multiple times be that consent?
  5. Geez there are a lot of angry people... Y'know, it feels better when you look at it like this. Tell yourself the game isn't launched but now you can actually watch the development happening. Could this be construed as denial? I guess. But I got this game with the expectation of it being a broken mess: (why is quoting an archived section disabled on here?...) Like I said though, just act like you are getting a first person view to an unreleased game in the works, now we can interact with the updates instead of waiting for a tidbit every month and a half. And if you are mad you spent money on a broken game at launch... Well, now you know to wait for reviews, this is why the phrase "patience is a virtue" exists.
  6. you know moderation exists, right? its pretty rare when i play factorio that griefers damage things and passwords make it so only allowed people can play. but whatever floats your boat
  7. Have you never met nice people or something? This is misanthropic to the point of parody. Who hurt you? *hug*
  8. I dont see how a game of this magnitude can be fully explored without multiplayer. Not only are there way more worlds to be explored, but now theres the issue of making colonies and managing resources between colonies and all that stuff. Cosmonaut crash is the person I feel that has taken KSP 1 the furthest along this extreme, and it took him years to fill out RSS in his playthrough I'm excited about multiplayer co-op because it seems like the best way to make the insurmountable task of fully developing a civilization in this game. That aside I'm also excited to see what ways the community mods new ways to interact in this game. There's the obvious BD Armory type gameplay of building fighters to fight one another or doing a similar thing in space, there's also the obvious space race type gameplay that will come stock... but what I'm most excited for is the things I haven't imagined yet. This community has a great sense of humor, passion, and the uniqueness to really birth a new type of game with the open ended possibilities that KSP-2 seems it will offer. Yes its a game about space and rockets but at its deepest core its just a physics simulation with insanely huge boundaries. If this game reaches a point of becoming truly performant, which I still hope it does and believe is possible, the limitations of how we as separate people interact together in this medium is effectively limitless and I just want to see where that goes.
  9. It's fair to point out this game has bugs, lacks features as we await the roadmap updates, and performs badly in comparison to KSP 1 but we were shown the performance and were told it was buggy well in advance. Ignoring that and buying anyways expecting not to find bugs is the part that's unreasonable in my eyes. That said, I get that there are a LOT of bugs. I'll say the game is obviously severely limited when you can't even reliably build a space station and dock to it and that's off putting, but I knew the risks when I bought it as anyone should buying a game at launch. If anyone waited no more than 6 hours and read the reviews before purchase they would know what they were getting in to as well.
  10. My bad, I didn't Com across it. Ty for the link
  11. From steam: So patch 2 is supposed to come out tomorrow. Some point's about this that I find notable: There's a nice blend of performance, stability, UI, and visual improvements We've also begun some investigations into improving the currently wobbly rocket situation, and we should have more to discuss on that subject soon. I think the leap forward patch one gave over 0.1.0 was considerable, what do you guys think is in store with patch 2? Will we see any significant performance improvements? Do you think we will see anywhere near as many bugs squashed as in patch 1?
  12. steam says 94.7 hrs, but I think I left my computer running with it on for a while.... honestly, probably 15.
  13. I wonder if it could be possible to do something like dynamically weld and unweld joints based on stresses or static/dynamic loads. Maybe the mechanism telling joints to weld/unweld would take up more processing... but maybe not? It works on terrain and terrain at the end of the day is a map of vertices like and RBD is a tree structure of vertices...
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