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  1. Is this just a notice out to the community about this happening or were you trying to discuss something?
  2. LANTR =/= NERV, just because they are both nuclear thermal rockets doesn't mean they are the same engine. Just like how swivel =/= mainsail just because theyre both liquid chemical rockets. If anything I bet NERV will be one of the early nuclear thermal rockets and LANTR will come soon after with its additional LOX augmentation
  3. Pretty simple, title says it all. Just curious, at this stage of development and info reveal, what aspects of the game do forum members hope to see information fleshed out for? For me, the main things I'm hoping to see get fleshed out would be: Multiplayer -We have yet to see anything here except being told it will exist and is so fun nate hasn't laughed that hard before. Procedural wings - We found out they exist and were able to gather some info about them from the few seconds clip they were featured in, but they seem like an interesting topic with many variables. Resource harvesting and utilizing infrastructure - We've all see the harvesting vehicles driving Martian-esque terrain, the crane attached to the colony with what looks like transportation crates below, the Xenon plants where some will be manufactured... Just would like to know what the plan is on how it will all fit together. Mission planning - What do the interfaces look like that we will be interacting with and how will mission planning work/be presented to us. Planet discovery - Nate agreed in a post a while back that planets would have to be discovered in some form along the way to reveal aspects about them. I'd just like to know more about the mechanics around this mechanism.
  4. An example of the community asking for adjustments was when they showed the new KSC off and people noticed a hill to the side of a runway. People complained that would be an issue and it wouldn't make sense to have hills at an airport anyway. Nate responded saying that he agreed and the hill would be removed. I don't think many or any major features would be optional but I would be surprised if there were no options for changing out some gameplay features
  5. source: https://ir.take2games.com/static-files/7413e630-11ee-4448-bc5b-56d935d933e2 page: 9/15 Looks like 1st half of 2023 to me
  6. I don't regularly call to the devs or nate for things, but I figured with a nasty rumor going around that's garnering the attention of a lot of forum users it couldn't hurt to ask and possibly clear things up. No intention to abuse/distract, I figure nate could just breeze over it if he didn't care to respond anyways.
  7. Can we maybe just get through this speculation and ask directly? @Nate Simpson Has KSP 2's estimated release date been moved out to the 1st half of 2024 as is depicted in the "leak"?
  8. Maybe for most other games, but I haven't booted KSP from steam in nearly 5 years probably. All my playthroughs are on separate folders copied from the original steam folder. I don't think I'm anywhere near alone in this either as CKAN and its ability to manage multiple instances is used by many and separate instances from the original folder dont report play to steam. My steam account says I haven't even put 400 hours into KSP which is off by at least an order of magnitude. EDIT: I see you already addressed this, my mistake
  9. It's just getting a rise outta people man. This thread is proof that it works
  10. This. Our community is just collateral. GTA is a way bigger story to more people.
  11. Its not publicity. If it's fake, it's trolling. tl;dr: LULZ
  12. Well KSP 1 is already on steam, and has been for a while, yet the mod scene isn't on it's workshop... Also the subscribe button just downloads mods to a specific folder because its easier and more accessible for the broader public to do so that way, you can still just find the folder and its contents... This is all besides the point seeing as KSP doesn't have mods on steam anyways. I'm fairly sure the whole steam workshop convo has come up already and Nate said they won't be focusing on the workshop for mod releases. No reason they would mess with a core pillar of the series in such a dramatic fashion. Weird to boycott a game launcher for allowing devs to have DRM functionality for the games they made even when that issue doesn't affect the product at hand, in my opinion, but different strokes for different folks. What in your opinion would let KSP be deemed as a "finished" product to you then? It's come a long way since it's release and well passed the original scope of the game. Not to mention, to do many of the things that are planned for KSP 2 would required KSP 1 be taken down and rewritten from near scratch anyways with many of it's deep rooted inherent inefficiencies and bugs. The games been going for over 10 years, isn't it time to look ahead?
  13. I own KSP through steam and do not require an internet connection to play it, I also have a million copies of the game folder I play the game from for different mod sets. The devs have said that staying DRM free is a core component of KSP for those that play offline. Also, mods won't be exclusive to the steam workshop, nor should they be.
  14. Are you sure KSP is what you are looking for?
  15. Bro, if you want it to be even better then try 0.25 playback speed.
  16. It's not that simple. graphics -> GPU physics ->CPU FPS is linked to the bottleneck between the 2. If the CPU can only process 20FPS while the GPU has no graphics to display you still only get 20FPS. So why not up the graphics to meet with the CPUs bottle neck, it's free overhead that's being under utilized. Because having a game full of low quality fidelity parts that are physics-less is counter to the objective of the game. Also, please don't pretend like there hasn't been great strides in it's efficiency since the game was in beta. 0.13.3 could not run nearly as well 1.12.3. But, if you are deadset in playing 0.13.3 then... it's still there, play it. I agree with your overall point but this was a bad analogy, the 2080 was well over $1000 and broke the mold (blame the RTX) and the 3080 continued the trend then got released into a silicon shortage and mining craze making cards spike over $2500.
  17. That's the beauty in the lack of having a canon, the community gets to make it instead. The kraken exists because the community made it so. Had KSP 1 had a formal canon the kraken probably never would have been a thing, it would just be a bug. Also, why take such an open ended game and narrow it down to a narrative?
  18. How does one buy easter eggs? If you know you are getting it then it's not an easter egg, it's just normal content.
  19. I may pre-order only so I can preload, will wait for preload to be available though.
  20. @Aerodynamic Kerbal Why would you develop a preference for or against a thing that doesn't even exist yet? Shouldn't you at least see what it actually is as a finished product first?
  21. There are 7 10-30 min long episodes featuring gameplay and dev explanations, 13 essays/blog posts from devs detailing specific mechanics and how they're utilized/constructed, 18 show and tell posts giving small snippets, as well as many little other tid-bits like interviews scattered across the web.... Just sayin'....
  22. @intelliCom It's a fun scenario to send a probe to Duna with everything preplanned and as it enters the atmosphere something goes wrong and the probe is outside your control just like the people at NASA living through the 20 minutes of terror, where no matter what you want to do, fixing the situation is outside your control so you just had to make a good enough plan that can account for any disturbance along the way. Really hope we get that toggle, but I don't think many people care to enjoy the experience with us.
  23. To go a step further, I would hope you only get the colored ball if it sensible could be seen with a naked eye (unlike neptune and jupiter) and until you have the capability to find it with a scope or have found it with a ship even its orbit should be hidden. I would like to watch the knowledge of the universe unfurl progressively over the game as if an unseen fog was slowly clearing away revealing the universe
  24. Go PC, its made for PC , so many things to click... also mods...
  25. Perhaps you'd like to re-evaluate your response Also, to the original quote that started the debate.... multiple extra... so that should mean no less than 2 systems not including the original Kerbin system (seeing as it says extra systems, not multiple systems) meaning a minimum total of 3.
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