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  1. I'm not. Games nowadays can have 100's of hours of content, KSP has for some people 10,000's of hours of content. Back in the days of N64, goldeneye had 10 levels, each of which took about 15 minutes to complete, at the age of 8 I was regularly finishing starfox 64 hard path runs at 45 min each. You can point to a game like super mario 64 which took a fair bit longer due to recycling levels 6x per level and without using nostalgia tell me, honestly, that super mario 64 has anywhere near the content and features of a modern platformer. Look at LoZ:OoT and The Witcher 3.... You mean to tell me they are even within an order of magnitude of each other in content? This all goes without mentioning the sheer complexity of modern games and the exponentially increasing amount of bugs to fix as a result meaning a greater need for continuous support. DLC funds that... We get more game now in each game, studios are bigger, budgets are bigger, machinery is more capable. It's a freaking miracle were still paying only $60 for AAA games.
  2. Guys... it's simple... No DLC = No new $ No new $ = No support So to the people arguing against any DLC, do you just not want the game to be supported? Or is your stance something like "I just want the game to be released perfect so it just doesn't need support"? Genuinely asking. Games used to fit on floppys and CDs (not bluray). This is just delusional.
  3. Cause they're not indie devs but a full professional studio? KSP 1 had multiple DLC packs? Having a few DLC packs isn't milking it horrendously? If they make something you don't want then just don't buy it?
  4. To make it so the game can continue to be supported for a decade RoverDude has been working for KSP for a while now
  5. I've also definitely head multiple confirmations toward axial tilt. I think this was one of the very 1st concerns that was solved
  6. As an avid civ player, you do know that the highest rating for any DLC for civ 6 has the "mixed" rating on steam and most of the small civ packs are either "negative" or "overwhelmingly negative", right? Just gunna say, not the best example. Civ 5, on the other hand did much better with it's DLC. (I will add that gathering storm, IMO, was a genuinely good DLC for the game and have no clue why it got such a bad rap. It should be rated mostly or very positive) I really hope we don't get a bunch of tiny content packs each with a tiny tidbit that alone adds nearly nothing to the player experience. I mean if people wanna buy that... then that's their choice and thanks to them for further funding the game, but I hope that wouldn't come at the expense of no one getting any base game update content. I hope when we get DLC we get large content packs with largely game altering assets and mechanics worthy of a $20-$40 price point. If the devs want to expand the base game out with things like colony management overhauls, extreme biome transformations, or complete robotics sets DLCs with like some new star systems in each pack then I would be heavily inclined to buy. Basically I just hope little QoL improvements, mechanics introductions, and an asset or two in free updates still happens instead of every bit of new content getting paywalled.
  7. In the audio interview they revealed rask/rusk will be n-body within the pairs SOI (so 3-body)
  8. @Aaron VFX You're awesome, thanks for the extra update and the consideration for everyone chiming in. Seriously can't wait to play what you and the team have been working on.
  9. Tarsier Space Technology Kerbalism science config Kerbal construction time SCANSat RealAntennas Smart A.S.S. from mechjeb
  10. They don't retract, they're stationary. The nozzle extension seems to be on rollers. You can see the rods inside the vacuum nozzle when it is retracted.
  11. The game wasn't built by professionals and for many of the bugs trying to fix them would likely break the game even more. This is why it's so nice to see a sequel being made by a professional studio from the ground up. Also, what other choice does the fanbase have? Boycott the game? It's not like there's a comparable alternative for a space agency/ space flight simulator, maybe simple rockets 2 in time, but it's still far and away inferior to kerbal
  12. After the reception the game got after announcement they probably were allowed to vastly expand the scope of the game at the cost of delaying it's release. Along the way of negotiating the future of the project it seems like there were some disagreement among the leaders of star theory with the people at T2 hence the debacle and creation of intercept games. So the studio switch was a cause for a lot of delay, then there's onboarding a bunch of new people to a WIP project, then there was covid... So to think delays would be unexpected is a tad ridiculous... I bet the original KSP 2 from the announcement didn't have nearly as many features and, at worst, might have even been a rushed hack job with little regard for the original title. Just my guesses.
  13. Doesn't this already exist? The farther from KSC you recover from the less of the rockets value you have returned. (transportation costs) How do you figure?
  14. The only reason the transitional exhaust bends back in is because at that degree of expansion it is finally at equal pressure, In a vacuum the pressure in the plume indefinitely accelerates the gas outward as there is no equal pressure.
  15. Watched that a while back, really wish they'd do something like that again. The bi-weekly updates are really nice but I think, since then, a lot of new questions about the game have come up.
  16. I'm guessing that the particle animations might be tied to the total length of the plume so if the plume shortens the apparent particle speed decreases. Just my guess as to how plumes have been implemented. Also, to add onto what I said earlier, I think that the final video isn't a full representation of an ascent seeing as this shows the elongation of the mach diamonds which isn't shown in the video animation: https://i.imgur.com/fUYMjik.png Though it may be the case that the shock diamonds length will only scale with throttle, as I believe that is the one variable changing in the animation above, and is independent of ambient pressure, which intuition leads me to believe this is false but I know of no footage showing supersonic exhaust in varying ambient pressures and the outer plume kind of gets in the way for videos space x footage. It would make sense, to me, for shock diamonds to extend with increased throttle since higher throttle -> higher mass flow -> higher chamber pressure -> higher exhaust velocity and the mach diamonds length is tied to exhaust velocity and ambient pressure. Another thing I've noticed is that the entire volume of the inner plume glows brightly whereas shock diamonds shine the brightest at their tips where flow contracts and compression is at its highest before fading after flow decompresses and has enough time to emit the heat it has acquired as light: A lot of what I've said here is largely speculation/educated-guessing so if anyone especially knowledgeable on the subject here disagrees, please let me know. And to they employees who made these I hope you don't take my comments as unappreciative because what you've made so far is beautiful and beyond expectation. Just, if there is a chance, something I say here could help then I feel I need to speak. Please keep up the good work and I can't wait to play your game
  17. Mirrors can't really contain photons either, as in indefinitely preserving them, they actually absorb a fair amount of them with each bounce
  18. I really like how this looks and it really contests with waterfall. The outer boundary of the plume looks very natural and soft which is really cool to see. A question I have though is, do the mach diamonds really stay in place and expand as ambient pressure goes down? I would have anticipated they would slowly fade away from the nozzle and elongate as the furthest diamonds would each in turn fade away as pressure decreases. Also, I know this is an edge case.... but what happens when the vessel goes into atmospheres with far greater pressures than that on kerbin? Will the plume compress even more with more diamonds or is the configuration at kerbin sea level a minimum?
  19. @pap1723 @NathanKell Hey, just wondering if there's any reason 2nd gen Nav sats require require comm sat payload instead of nav sat payload?
  20. That's fair. I say just so long as everything continues in series it's fine and if you know you want a certain thing to happen in order, then why not. Not like it hurts anything anyways.
  21. I have no problem with incorporating better ion engines like those introduced in near future technology, but other things like their increased mass should also be reflected. Essentially I just don't want to see the Isp go arbitrarily high as a payoff for reducing the thrust when reducing the thrust was evening out an imbalance that already existed.
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