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  1. I think we will be near KSP 1 type play by 3 months, that's 5 total updates if they're every 3 weeks I think multiplayer will have a lot more to offer than simply playing with other people. With this communities heavy modding base and the open playstyle of KSP new types of games will be born from this. Warcraft 3 brought DOTA and the mechanics for overwatch were built out of CS 1.6 warcraft mods... I can't wait to see the custom game modes KSP 2 will breed
  2. I use landing probes in this manner as lander probes around planets with atmospheres, like Duna. Probe decouples and fires retrograde automatically and all I have to do is pull the chute. It lands, collects science in place and I never use it again. Small, cheap, easy to use, and you can just put a ton of them on a mothership.
  3. it's not a weapon it's a multiple launch rocket system.. this game is about building and launching rockets...
  4. What are you doing while the GPU is at 100% What do you even mean by RAM under load? Are you going to show us a hard drive with 90% free space on the disk and include your HD is also under no load? O_o If your GPU melts, that's a bad GPU. Plain and simple First off, why does the temperature outside matter? It could be -100 outside but if your room is still room temperature that's the only environment the computer knows. Secondly, blowing an AC unit directly on your board is dangerous as that can make parts of your build sub-ambient meaning it can have condensation form on it, which needless to say, is bad. Understood, your CPU is bottlenecked. What situation are you in when this happens and what settings are you on? Again, what? Can you show us what is on screen? PC's are not dangerous... you know what Tj max is, right? Have you tried turning down the graphics yet? Maybe then your computer would be less bottlenecked...
  5. But where would we park our rovers that will soon be collecting materials for colonies?
  6. My thoughts exactly. Getting proper statistics for this game is really difficult with the wide variety of configurations for rockets available. Wonder how many here are testing the same rocket in the same scenario and how many are just playing and noting their FPS ans if a 100 part rocket should perform as well as a 20 part rocket with 1 engine and 1 fuel tank
  7. The devs are keeping the parking lot for themselves... VIVE LA REVOLUTION!
  8. Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
  9. JUST DROP IT! Dx Stop making us chase you human! *cluck* *cluck* *Bwaaaaaak*
  10. Too late for what? It's obviously a worse choice to just ignore current rendering issues and continue on with outdated software reducing its potential ceiling, just work on it over time while developing and fleshing out other systems that aren't dependent on it
  11. I feel like instead of flexing so much they should just highlight the joint yellow/red. Huge ask but having 1 trailing 5 s video you can review like a kill cam in COD would be cool too...
  12. I am reacting to exactly what you wrote. And my criticisms are on your logic or what I perceive to be a lack thereof. This isn't emotional, bit it seems a bit ridiculous. But that is an all right way to brush off anything I've just said, whatever floats your boat.
  13. You're now saying it shouldn't have been released. Please make up your mind. Also just because you don't like the game doesn't mean everyone else that does shouldn't be allowed that experience. You don't think the game is worth $50, then don't buy it. Some of us do and it's not our place to set the price. I think all video games should be $5, now what? Should all the Developers listen to that and price according to how I want to pay for the game? I think I'll go down to the local GameStop and tell them that their PlayStation 5 should be $20 and include three games , do you think that they should make the PlayStation 5 $20 and include three games because I requested that? Pretty sure that's not how our society works. You [saw] the game before you had it, you said it wasn't worth it, you said the game was too incomplete to be worth it to you, yet you still bought it. And now you say it's not worth it still, yet you won't refund it. I hope you understand how ridiculous that is, a genuine comedy of errors.
  14. I'm on a phone so currently unable to quote on multiple pages. Also, if this is not your wish then what is? Are you claiming it should be a free demo?
  15. You literally just quoted their conditions and said the game didn't meet them...
  16. Then shouldn't you be arguing your point on the steam forums instead since you're unhappy that theyre the platform that allowed the sale? Maybe you can change their terms and there won't be any early access anymore! we would all be saved
  17. Yes, many of us did like it... No one here come close to suggesting the game is bug free though, just those who like it work around the bugs. If you are someone who is unwilling to work around bugs and expects a smooth experience at this point then that is self injury. Also me finding self injury funny is not berating, it's natural, if it werent then Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o wouldn't be famous
  18. I like the idea of not having to select each and every individual part and having 30 pinned windows on my screen. It's got work to go but it's definitely a better solution. Maybe include tabs instead of just a >
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