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  1. https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/tree/develop/GameData/RemoteTech Make sure you get RestockPlus too(if you've installed the additional Restock parts)
  2. That works! Shows me saving the file as a .cfg
  3. Right click on the file name link on github and click save as...
  4. That was me! Was my first time doing anything addon-related for KSP, way easier than i thought! Just grab that .cfg file and put it in your base RemoteTech folder! There should be other RemoteTech_****.cfg files
  5. Is it possible to create keybinds to open specific windows? i.e. Instead of clicking the Menu Dropdown button, then selecting the radio button for each window, can I set the Landing window to open on, say mod+L, and the maneuver planner on, say mod+P, etc?
  6. I'm pretty sure Mechjeb is using this. My clicks don't seem to interact with game UI elements, but it still untargets my current target while in map mode. This is especially infuriating when using the Maneuver Node Editor in map mode. Is that intended, or am I experiencing some wonky excrements?
  7. So if i'm understanding this correctly, it is more effective to use the denser fuels, because you are reducing the amount of "non propellant" mass(i.e. tank mass) added to the craft? I took a tank and emptied the amount of Methane/Ox to match the amount of Hydrogen/Ox and the Methane/Ox tank got similiar dV(a small difference due to not having perfect control over fuel amount); however, i notice that it seems a "waste" to use the hydrogen since it takes up the same amount of "craft" space(the same size tank) when the Methane tank is damn near empty. If this is the case, i still am confused about usage case for fuel types. Since endgame, we are not limited by the size of our craft, you should always use the most dense fuel, since this decreases your Tank:Fuel mass ratio, therefore utilizing the most Propellant Mass you can in that stage.
  8. I have been toying around with different long range rockets in the Interstellar mod, and i just cannot for the life of me find a comprehensive guide to the different types of fuels and how they interact with the engines. I have seen notated here and there in the forums that things like Hydrazine provide extra thrust? But i also see some places that Hydrogen is used often for first stages, and most engines have "higher base isp" for Hydrogen; yet, when i compare hydrogen to LiquidFuel for example, i come out with FAR less dv according to KER. Unfortunately, i cannot find a definitive explanation and comparison between the types of fuels, and the Interstellar wiki seems to come up short. I have schooling experience with liquid water reactors, and i enjoy learning about high tech systems and the physics behind how they function, but like i said earlier. Just having trouble finding some kind of write-up with the niche uses of each type of fuel. OBVIOUSLY they would have a use if they exist in the game...right?