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  1. images of flybys sadly after flyby 2 laythe affected the orbit of the laythe clipper and it gone to jool's atmosfere, and after a second pass it destroyed due to overheat and high pressure the orion also has been redesigned but i won't be doing much for a while, because i want to make at least 3 of my mun missions before starting the dsg also my duna landers are a mk1-2 cm with 3 parachutes, 4 landing lengs, and a docking port on the front, also the ascent modules, that are something for 3 kerbals
  2. how do you make the uv maps also can i download and install opengl 3.0?
  3. what i say of what, also how did you do those circles? i think this is something that i don't knew how to do, i think that i we can teach in betwen both i want to make a lot of parts but i need to know more about wings 3d, and is there any earl script to export to .mu? (wings3d uses earl)
  4. they are made of heat gases so you can use for kill kerbals or throw thing to kill kerbals
  5. for texturing is make a material that contains an image emissives is by the material menu also you should make the service module of the indian pod, and service moduel and orbital module in shenzhou
  6. what is part clipping? also for come towards kerbin perpendiculary to the atmosfere you must burn retrograde first, and then toward kerbin, but in the other i think you are good for make challenges, the next time make something about mun because i will send keople to there
  7. i'll try 1.1 and 1.2, to see the thing of the textures
  8. i cannot upgrade to more than 1.0, because even in 1.0 some textures aren't showed and eats much ram someone will be able to make a version for 1.3 (i think) i'm about to make my first mun landing, it consist of 10 missions until a landing: 1- make a flyby around mun in a free return trajectory(FRT); preparing 2-achieve an orbit around the mun, orbit sometimes and return to kerbin; preparing 3-make a orbit around kerbin, for testing the lander; preparing 4-flyby mun in FRT with the lander to test; preparing 5-use the lander engines for orbit mun, then u
  9. stop of criticizing me! anyhow does someone here how to modify planets?
  10. i'm preparing to make a mod for 0.90: kerbalized solar system if anyone know how to modding planets, mak me know, thanks also launched the core of the prometheus station why everyone seem to be criticizing me for using 0.90?
  11. made a nbody simulation of the kerbol system, and: moho: stable eve: its moon gilly is unstable, constatly changing its orbit kerbin : all stable duna: stable dres: stable jool: laythe: stable, vall: crashed with laythe, tylo: stable, bop: was about to go to kerbol orbit, pol: stable eeloo: stable also designed a rocket: the Laythe I it's capable of: sending 30 tons to LKO sending 20 tons to a space station sending 10 tons to keosyncronous orbit sending 10 tons to trans-munar injection orbit sending 5 tons to kerbol orbit, n
  12. the orion is renderes as black, for heat plates
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