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  1. Launched up KSP and I forgot how fast it went since I removed all those mods I didn't need

  2. Also when you lose all your ships :(

  3. When you reset your laptop but you have to install all your mods again...

  4. Killing the Space Center, x)

  5. Nah mate, I'm not the one keeping the count, tell my friend that.
  6. Thanks for the help, @Deddly it worked out nicely
  7. KRAKEN OH KRAKEN GO AWAY, guess he's back to kill my kerbs

  8. @Deddly I have a HP Probook 455 G3 ( RTL8723BE ) I believe, sorry for the late reply didn't go on forums for a while.
  9. I usually play KSP when my friend is here so I guess he's a nerd or something but he always counts my deaths and I have no idea why and only because Jeb is the main kerb
  10. The only Kerbals I keep alive are Jeb Bill and Bob and I'm pretty sure they're on their vacations somewhere in a galaxy far, far away
  11. Well what mods are you looking for? Ex: Graphic mods, parts mods, etc But if you're new to KSP I do recommend that you play through and understand how to this and that before mods because.. Good reasons
  12. Already got that covered, hehe.
  13. Bob, Bill, and Val are stuck on Dres, we don't talk about them okay? Plus Jeb- yeah Jeb doesn't have any company.
  14. There's mods that aren't compatible like BD armory as Jas0n says, go around and check your mods to see if they're compatible or just remove all your mods, either works.
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