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  1. I dont know how to used EAS-1 to put a pilot into my boat , i can launch it but i can't driver it... Can you tell me how can i create a pilot into boat??
  2. Can you make russia and USA boat??
  3. Ok i found it , thanks everyone lock topic please.
  4. Why radar on boat cant detect target plane at 20km+ even when plane near boat ( 5km- ) still not detect . Radar detect only when plane launch missile ( just detect missile Not plane ) this error or something else?? ( like stealth ). I am use lasted version of BDarmory.
  5. I have install Weapon manager and AI autopilot but when i use Wing Commander and Select all > Take Off . Nothing happen , have module for WC??
  6. Yeah but how i can make " cold launch " have tutorial??
  7. What mod?? , why i can't found it in Bdarmory And in this video i can't found Tube Launcher
  8. Hi , what mod has this type of missile?? i found #patriot missile in BDArmory but not found missile for S-300 it use cold launch so look very strong Publishers #bdarmory #pew #smarmory have projects create missile for S-300? i love it Image here :
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