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  1. Guys, is there a "full throttle" version of this mod? I'm playing on Realism Overhaul, an throttling down isn't an option. I tried writing a script in kOS, but believe me, the math part is VERY hard. I used an equation similar to y = sqrt(x), but this is very dependent of the rocket's TWR and staging timings. Launch on default KSP isn't an issue, you get there quite quickly, but on Realism Overhaul, doing it over and over and over again gets tiring. I need to automate that! Any ideas?
  2. Guys, I'm having a problem with RO-RP0. The node "Survivability" has a lot of heat shields, which I desperately need hehe. Now, I researched the node and warped to completion, but the parts are not there in the VAB. Is this a known issue? What am I doing wrong? HEEEEEEEEEEELP!
  3. Hey thanks a lot mate for your efforts! I'll definitely take a look at it look forward to the new updated version, thanks!
  4. Hey guys I'm getting a noticeable transition between atmospheric flight and space flight (at 140km). Like there's a blink and a change in the appearance of the atmosphere. Also, is there any fix for the buggy edges at certain altitudes? This is what I mean, look at the horizon: Thanks!
  5. JaviLL

    [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Never mind guys, even though it seems they aren't working in the VAB and the engineers report shows as they aren't receiving any fuel, in the actual launch they do. It's confusing though, might be something to fix in later releases. Great mod!
  6. JaviLL

    [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    I know this might have been answered already, but I'm unable to use RCS. I use the right tank (service mod) to get high pressures, also setting the right fuel (nitrogen) and I'm mounting the RCS thrusters on the tank itself to avoid crossfeed issues. The thrusters are set to nitrogen as well. If I check the fuel delivery overlay, it seems for some reason they are not delivering the fuel as it should. Am I doing something wrong here? Could a different mod be causing this behaviour? If I use modules that have RCS built in (like the gemini RCS module or similar) they work just fine, but I need bigger ones now and I can't get them to work. Here's a screenshot of the config: Help