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  1. For a long, long time now, I've really wanted to see vertical snap integrated, so that achieving symmetry would generally be easier. Alas, I've never found anything close to that, neither in mods nor settings. A lot of people recommend Editor Extensions Redux, but that doesn't actually provide for vertical snap, but rather allows you to align things on the vertical axis, but only to the center of the parent module. This is often not what I want, and is in fact rather useless when I need a lot of the same part on two sides of a rocket... for example when designing a rocket with asparagus staging. So, of course I need a bunch of sepratrons on my 6 outer rockets in my asparagus staging. I have however found it impossible to make them actually symmetric on the vertical axis. How do you do it?
  2. Teekin

    Vertical snapping (grid-style)

    Thanks a bunch, @Tex_NL! I still have the problem that placing them doesn't start out snapped, so their starting position is always too fine-grained. This still makes them very difficult to snap so that they are precisely placed against each other, for example on rockets in an asparagus configuration. I had thought of using the 'V' in Editor Extensions Redux to align them perfectly and then snap them to their proper locations, but then that V-button doesn't do anything anymore for whatever reason. Of course, I have no idea why because none of these crazy settings are actually displayed anywhere, so I don't know if I accidentally pressed some key that does something that I don't know how to look up. *sigh* Well, thanks anyway! I'm sure one day EER will give me another shot some day, and then you're tip will be very handy!
  3. Even though this is an old topic, this is a recurring problem with mods. Semi-transparent windows tend to send click signals right through them. It would be good if the whole idea of clicking through windows could be scrapped. It's a giant pain in the neck to be constantly re-loading things and fixing up mistakes that happen because some complicated part of a spacecraft is moved when designing it, or because you've unselected your target while going through a maneuver burn while messing around in some window, and so forth. It's one of the things that make this game difficult in the long run, constantly having to be aligning windows in such a way that nothing is beneath them, and having to either re-load or fix things whenever something happens to be beneath a clicked control in a window, which is most of the time, in fact. I cannot imagine anyone ever finding it useful to be able to click through windows.
  4. I'm in need of vertical snapping when designing spacecrafts. In fact, I'm kind of surprised that I don't really run into many others having a problem with this, but I'm hoping that someone knows of a mod or method to do this. In the vanilla game, you can snap parts to an imaginary "grid" of a sorts, when aligning them horizontally. I need the same thing, only for in the vertical direction. I've tried Editor Extensions Redux which has a feature called "vertical snap", but it only seems able to align parts to the exact vertical center of their parent parts. I need much more freedom than that, pretty much like with the horizontal snap, where you can select the "grid" (not sure about the terminology here) being 5 degrees, 15 degrees or whatever. Does any of this make sense? Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Teekin

    Protective shell problem

    @Geonovast, awesome, it works for me too! Unfortunately my lander's dimensions don't really fit with that design, but at least it doesn't blow up. I really look forward to having this issue fixed. Thanks for the detailed description!
  6. Teekin

    Protective shell problem

    I'm very happy to read that. I guess there's no need for me to provide the ship itself, since this stuff is already known.
  7. Teekin

    Protective shell problem

    I've had the same problem recently with the AE-FF2 Airstream Protective Shell (2.5m). I've tried with and without mods (I use a bunch), but with the same result. I first thought it was because I had such an enormous ship that it was overwhelming my PC or something, but it turns out that my standard lander (called Manley) was causing it, or rather, its AE-FF2 Airstream Protective Shell. When that shell is removed, the rocket loads and launches just fine. With it, it explodes. I've used this standard lander for quite a while, in fact on basically every mission, so this is a new problem with a tried and tested ship. In the log that pops up when everything goes to hell, the first thing to happen is that the airstream protective shell (hereafter named AE-FF2) collides with the part above it, which in my case is a separator. I switched separators from the TR-XL Stack Separator to the Rockomax Brand Decoupler, and then something interesting happened. Instead of exploding, the vehicle (lander inside the closed AE-FF2) bounces way up on the launch pad, and falls down again. I'd say it goes a few dozen meters up or so. It seems like the AE-FF2 is "jumping" somehow, causing an explosion under unknown circumstances but a thrust upward under some other. The build ID from the config that the internet told me to report as the version is: [config] build id = 01804 2017.05.25 at 19:56:39 CEST Branch: master language = en-us That date, 25th of May 2017 is probably around the time I started having this problem. Haven't really played since, because I was hoping that the problem would go away with something being updated. That's all the information I have currently.