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  1. So is the latest version of MechJeb buggy? I had Dev build 2.6.1-773 installed and everything worked fine. But I installed 2.7.0 via CKAN and now I keep getting weird bugs. The deltaV bug is the worst. Sometimes the deltaV will be way higher than it should 1.5 -> 11.5. The landing guidance is back to landing in the wrong spot and the accent guidance is now bugging out too. Is this the proper thread to report these in or is there a support thread for this mod somewhere?
  2. I've started getting parts that have this semi-transparent effects. It only really shows up when the part is in sunlight and I'm looking at it from the lit side. The parts affected seem to be only stock KSP parts. Someone on Reddit suggested it was WindowShine, so I uninstalled the mod and that indeed fixed the issue. Not sure if this is a known bug or not. Installed Mods
  3. I started having an issue with certain parts being semi-transparent. It's not affecting gameplay at all, but it is very annoying. I was hoping someone could help me debug this issue. Image: Installed Mods:
  4. I was able to figure out a fix. In the tracking station it showed the poor little guy in orbit. I was able to terminate him from there.
  5. I tried performing this contract where I had to rescue a Kerbal stranded in orbit. Unfortunately when I got there I wasn't able to transfer him to my vessel. I eventually gave up[ and left him floating in space (outside of his little cockpit). So a few Kerbin days later I start getting messages that this Kerbal had died of dehydration. But there must be some bug because the message won't go away and now I can't do time accelerations. So right now I'm pretty much stuck with my game. Even if I go back to a previous save, this Kerbal will eventually die. So I'm hoping that there is some way I can edit the game file and remove this guy from the saved game. Mod list: Screen grab #1: Screengrab #2: Screengrab #3:
  6. Does this version work with KSP 1.3.1?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm having issues with KSP crashing on me. It was working fine last evening but I decided to switch to 1.3.1 to see if it would run (I've been updating mods through ckan). When I switched to 1.3.1 I noticed that there were a ton of new updates available via ckan. So I ran my updates and launched 1.3.1 but I got a crash. So I revert (via steam) to 1.3.0. No dice, I still get a crash. Windows 7, Steam. Link to output_log I've read a few other threads that seem to say that I will need to revert to older versions of my mods. If this is the case could someone explain how to do that with CKAN? But I'm hoping that it will be just one mod that is causing the troubles. Thanks! James