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  1. I've found the problem. I read that startup arguments could save such problems. When I tried to change the argument in steam I noticed that there already was one set. Strangely it only made problems since 1.10 so I never noticed it before - I guess I've set it years ago. I also didn't know that such arguments persist over reinstalls. Maybe checking this helps others too
  2. Since Version 1.10 I'm experiencing strange Graphic Bugs. In the Main Menu every few seconds the Screen goes black for one frame. In the game the orbital lines are flickering and sometimes there appear strange bugs in menues: There are several other problems, like disappearing funds-display and text being resized over the whole screen. Most of these problems only occur for just one frame so its hard to take any screenshots. I've already: Let Steam check the game files for errors Deleted the config files and let it generate a new one Completeley reinstalled the game and manually deleted all game files Updated the graphics driver Set the graphics driver settings for KSP on "Set by Application" and after that didnt work on "Best settings" I've first experienced these bugs after updating on 1.10 and there is still no change after 1.10.1 patch. I'm quite clueless what to try next.
  3. I recompiled the mod for 1.8. Sadly the Vessels are still not deployed correctly. It seems to be a problem with the part initialisation. I wish i could find the problem, but my programming knowledge is too limited. This mod is absolutely essential for KSP, eventually someone else can find a solution. If someone is interested, maybe the error and the coresponding function helps. https://pastebin.com/1iKg06XP
  4. I started a completely new savegame without any other mods in sandbox mode with only one vessel for testing (performance issues happen in career too). And thanks for your quick replys
  5. Sure The Game runs relatively smooth if a Planet is centered, but gets extremely slow when a vessel is selected, even when the Window is not active. It gets worse when the window is open. [Huge browser-destroying log file snipped by moderator]
  6. I have the same problem. Performance seems to be effected all the time, but especially in the tracking station.
  7. I try to use ScienceRelay, but the Option to transfer Data does not show up ingame. It works on Sandbox games, but not on Career Mode - even with Comm Network deactivated. Could Kerbalism eventually block the ScienceRelay Option?