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  1. Yes but the IFV is broken! Anyway to make the small crane for the rover like in the movie to lift things with? With Non-Stockalike parts!
  2. Also, I can confirm that removing "Real Plume" via CKAN did not resolve the issue so I'm wondering if it's a file somewhere for these particular engines that is getting modified or left behind upon uninstall...
  3. Love this Mod! Please do an IVA for the Orca! That Command capsule is amazing and I use it all the time!
  4. Game 1.11 RealPlume 1.11 w/ RealPlume "Stock-Configs". Here's my ModuleManager.ConfigCache: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxv76b1uzkck1kn/ModuleManager.ConfigCache?dl=0
  5. My issue is the stock Nerv's show constant plume even when deactivated ... How do I fix this?
  6. Yes most of the existing ISS craft files have out of date parts...
  7. Toning them down helped but FAR was the main culprit! Thanks!
  8. Does this work with 1.11...? Thanks!
  9. Does anyone have a link to the ISS craft file with the Tantares parts/Soyuz docked capsule..? Mine is missing too many parts after the last update and will no longer load. Thanks!
  10. Scatterer waves was part of the problem... The latest non 1.11 version of FAR made it impossible!!!
  11. DITTO! Same issue and the uncontrolled bouncing when stopped on the water!
  12. Banshee Lift Fan? How do you control the thrust? Once they spool up its either full thrust or zero with the stock keyboard commands?
  13. Does anyone have any links to any SP VTOL craft files I can download? Thanks!
  14. Hmmm... I’ve disabled the wave interactions but it still is impossible to land smoothly on the water and once stopped the waves still bounce my SP all around and eventually destroy it!
  15. I'm not able to load any craft files in 1.11 with any previous Tanares parts... Missing a ton? I.E> Eridani.antenna/Eridanie.Crew/Eridani.Solar...etc! What can I do?
  16. Does this mod effect the ocean waves? 1.10- 1.11 the ocean waves are so rough now that its impossible to land or take off with any space plane on the water... Before the water physics had no effect on the object as far as bouncing around. Now it seems the waves bounce my spaceplanes around uncontrollably!
  17. Thanks! Seems like its the new big waves. Not sure if its a mod or the stock game but the new beautiful rough waves are not letting me land or take off in the water anymore with any space plane even stock...
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