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  1. 14 hours ago, *MajorTom* said:



    1) ok. disabled . add your new scatterer.dll

    and again vessel viewer black screen....

    //Can you just check if you have this kind of message in your log: "Added reflection probe fixer" with those graphical settings disabled

    i check it - no this line in my logs:

    2) sorry,  please forget about scansat. it looks like this line not a bug -but trajectory of many passes  near planet in "far far far.....future" for Kerbin escape trajectory (untill spaceship) not leave Kerbin :confused:. Why this i dunno , but it not scatterer problem, looks like scansat "feature"


    3) ok try to check it "water on runway +cam" scatterer problem or not. i try it this way:

    in scatterer





    THEN uninstal scatterer folder and this test show what "water flood" NOT are scatterer problem BUT:


    BUT vessel viewer with deleted scatterer folder start works Vessel Viewer black window problem -is 100% scatterer problem




    Getting same problem with camera views on Duna surface with my rovers.  Only happens on Duna and the ground constantly flashes in camera view...

  2. 9BSpMwp.png

    1 hour ago, alberro+ said:

    It works just fine, I’m using the 1.8 build on 1.9.1.


    1.9  EVE,  I'm getting Land Textures on the water...  It's still blue but has a wavy land texture to it, when viewed from altitude and not a watery surface anymore? 


    Also, the water is creeping up the sides of the shore and mountains...



  3. 3 hours ago, benjee10 said:

    There should be a rotating part behind the End Effector that allows you to roll it into position - the gold box on the End Effector should line up with the crosshair on the grapple fixture. That being said it can be fiddly, it seems the angle snap is not wholly reliable. Some people have removed it from their config entirely and I may well do the same next update. 

    Are you referring to the Camera on the end effector as the "gold Box"?


    If so yes, I'm lining that up with the crosshair on the grapple fixture and still could not grab it...



  4. On 4/25/2019 at 7:39 PM, PatelPratham said:

    I am using infernal robotics next and I can not seem to get control of the canadarm. When I use the infernal parts the tool bar icon show up but not with canadarm


    Same problem here as well?


    Worked with the old IR Mod but not w/ Next...  :(

  5. 1 hour ago, unregistered_user said:

    Hm, that sounds problematic. iirc you mention that you have the breaking ground DLC, is it possible to try running the game with it disabled? I have the buttons in (without dlc): (in editor, third from left) (in flight, fourth from bottom).

    Worth mentioning is that the button only shows up if the craft actually has a (IR-next) robotic part in it (And the panel defaults to closed). I assume you did have one, but might be worth mentioning just-in-case.

    OK its working with the IR parts but not with the Canadarm Arm Mod?


    Any Particular reason why the Canadarm won't activate the IR Button?


    It used to work on the old IR version pre-Next



  6. 21 hours ago, unregistered_user said:

    What control panel? You mean the one on the right here (stole image from google)? (The button to open it is below a button that is labeled 'SEP', which is below KerbalAlarmClock). If so, then that pretty much makes the mod completely unusuable, does it not? So how did you get some parts to work in (4.)?

    If that is not what you referred to, and you meant the sequencer tool (the one with graphs and the like) instead, then that is not part of this mod (there exists a mod for that, but I have no idea if it works with '-Next').

    I can't get the IR Next Robotic arm to show up on my tab icons post 1.9?


    Anyone else not getting the I.R. tab to show to open the controls window?