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  1. Does the Canadarm2 work in 1.6 or 1.7 with this mod? Thanks!
  2. Will the old legacy parts overwrite the new parts in KAS or can they be added separately? Thanks!
  3. So can the legacy parts be merged with th current KAS version or do they overwrite?
  4. Yes, magno Pad doesn't work for some reason... Must be a KAS 1.7 issue I assume...?
  5. Anyone make an ASET PROPS IVA for this thing yet? My favorite Rover just needs the ASET IVA Panels and it would be perfect!!!
  6. Can't seem to get this to work so far in 1.7 No IR Icon in the VAB or SPH... Anyone else having issues?
  7. No "magnet" option on end part for KSP 1.6...? Anyone else having issues getting this to work in 1.6 or 1.7 KSP? Love this mod! Thanks!
  8. Hmmm... Updated to 1.7 and now I have 4 separate individual Buffalo MMSVE tabs in my VAB/SP parts tab which has the wagon looking icon.... All the tabs also have all the same parts listed in each one. Anyone else have something similar and know how to fix it? Thanks!
  9. Just installed the B9 1.7 update, via CKAN and now got this "Serious Warning" in game:
  10. Hmmmm. I have been placing them one at a time. What do you mean by one at a time without part Symmety? I thought placing them one at a time meant without symmetry? Thanks!
  11. Real chutes is totally broken in KSP 1.7! None of the radial chutes work or appear in the VAB and any craft built with them won’t load if you delete the mod. Just a heads up as I saw it listed as a dependency for this mod!
  12. Good Idea!!! Installing from CKAN mostly. Reinstalled base KSP to latest release and reloaded all my mods from a backup Gamedata folder. I now have the Stock chutes back but have still no damn chute Icon in VAB/ SPH. Also, almost all of my craft files used the RealChute parachutes and none will now load due to missing part "RC.Radial". I had no idea RC embedded itself so deeply into the stock game. So frustrated!!!
  13. This seems like a very useful mod! Link to DL seems to be dead... Will it still work with the latest version of KSP? Thanks!
  14. Guess I have to revert as it auto updated! Is there anyway to just add the stock chutes back into the game or use another parachute mod that is current?
  15. The New 1.7 Update has seemed to break this mod for me making it unusable. The parachutes tab is now gone in the VAB/ SPH and when finding the chutes under misc and attaching them to craft they do not show in the staging tabs anymore.
  16. Hmmm Now getting missing part "nose cone fix" unable to load craft? Anyone have any Ideas why?
  17. For some reason as soon as I add this MOD it causes KSP to crash when loading the game. Have about 40 other mods with no issues? Does this work in KSP 1.6+ Thanks!
  18. KSP 1.6 I've added this mod but don't see the parts anywhere? Is there somewhere specific I need to look to find the parts in the VAB/SPH...? Thanks!