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  1. Question? Where or how do I add the Escape Launch System to the Soyuz capsule inside the fairing? Does anyone have a picture on how to build or is there a craft file somewhere for it I'm missing? Thanks and Great MOD!
  2. Hey two questions for this great mod? 1. For some reason my RCS thrusters are all inverted? 2. When decoupling the Dragon capsule w trunk, from the upper stage, the decoupling action sends the capsule/trunck portion spinning and is not a clean detachment like the upper stage from the lower?
  3. Since 1.6 all my Kerbals now have pink visors even on the menu screen. Does anyone know what may cause this mod wise as I have a lot of mods but haven't been able to find the guilty culprit. Thanks!
  4. So your'e suggesting it needs to be moved to the left to improve performance and eliminate stutters? I thought the slider was supposed to be move the the right instead? Which way to go?
  5. Tired to DL the DLL but no option to save the file in DropBox… Can Anyone help here? Thanks!
  6. Anyone know if this Mod currently works with the lasts KSP version?
  7. If the CSM decoupler is left in the staging tree it immediately pops the capsule off on the lanch pad when the physics loads... If I remove the decoupler from the staging tree and launch it immediately sends my entire rocket up to 1000 AGL above the Launchpad when the physics loads.
  8. Having same problems with Orion CSM Fairings causing massive explosions when decoupling the lower portion since 1.4....
  9. OK now the mod doesn't seem to work at all in v1.4 The capsule either immediately tries to launch from 1k AGL and falls to Kerbin if I decouple the staging of the CSM... If I don't remove the CSM from the staging tree it pops the capsule off on the pad!
  10. I restarted a NEW Sandbox game and it's now working again! Thanks! Any update for 1.4? Thanks!
  11. Haven't checked yet but hoping this Mod gets updated for 1.4...!
  12. Great, Thanks! Now if we can just get a good stock topography Mod I would be in heaven!
  13. Regarding the....: Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA) Part... No matter what docking adapter I place on it (even the stock Clamp-o-trons) none of the docking ports work at all. It's really strange cause I can place any docking port on any other station part and they work fine including the docking ports that attach the Soyaz capsules to the station. As soon as I take the non functioning docking ports off the PMA and place them on something else they continue to decouple and couple as they should... Does anyone know what the issue could be? Is it something specific in the file of the PMA itself? Thanks!
  14. Does this improve planet textures when on the surface?
  15. For some reason using the Orion capsule I'm unable to use any docking port they will not decouple or attached Including the Chaka Monkey SLS NaSA Docking port... Anyone know what could be the issue?
  16. Hmmmmm......I wonder how it is done IRL then...
  17. I have tweaksacle installed and working but no option to shrink the Canadarm... Where can I find the IR parts rework? Thanks! Yes, it is the Ares rover mod and love it!
  18. Question... How the heck do you rendezvous with the ISS and deorbit with the Dragon Cargo without engines? Is it all done mearley on RCS? At least the Dragon Crew Capsule has engine thrusters on the capsule itself. How is it done in RL after the cargo capsule decouples from the final orbital transfer booster stage? ................................................... Also, isn't the open hatch on the cargo capsule a docking port for the Canadarm and not for science equipment?