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  1. Is there any way to remove one of the two long arms to shorten the Canadarm to better fit my Rovers? Or any way to make a shorter overall version with the stock mod parts? Thanks!
  2. Simply Amazing Mod! Best functioning Orion Capsule I've yet to DL! Station Parts and Duna Direct Mission looking Hab is awesome! What is the purpose of the Duna Resource/ Supply Landers? It has no way to dock with anything else, the internal pad's hatches (resource Lander) are all blocked preventing EVA and I don't see it containing any resources'/supplies for Duna Base camp or way to mine for resources (resource lander)... How are you using these two modules on Duna for resource and resupply? Thanks!
  3. For some reason the large decouplers on the included craft file rockets with the forward arrow on them do not decouple from the bottom of the top jettisoned stages... It does work on the Soyuz capsule to decouple the engine from the capsule pod however...
  4. Great Mod! However, the "remote assist helper drone" has no control at all after I undock/decouple it and switch to control it.... Any Ideas? Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know how to switch from one active Canadarm to another? I have two on my ISS but can only control with the window the first one I installed... Thanks!
  6. WORKED! Thanks! Now how do you switch between the two seperate Canadarms installed on my ISS? The IR window will only move the first one I installed and have two on my ISS. Thanks!
  7. Need Help... Just installed this mod and the IR Icon shows up in the menu tab in VAB but clicking it just brings up an empty "Servo" window that is empty... TI don't see the little additional menu that's supposed to pop up for commands control and I have all dependant mods installed and updated on version 1.3 Thanks! Having same issue... in v1.3 :-( WHAT was your fix?
  8. Great Mod! Having trouble attaching to my ISS... Is there a node base part I can use and place as an attachment point? Thanks
  9. Awesome Mod! Love the scale and stockalike look of this this mod as the Kerbalized Space X is Mod is way to big to fit with my ISS as the capsules even dwarf my Space Shuttles. Is there any way that we can switch the part/craft textures to white? Thanks! How the heck are you guys simultaneously landing both boosters? How are you all controlling both at the same time? Thanks!
  10. Damn, wish I knew how to fix the decoupling issue. If anyone has fixed it please let me know? Thanks! I really love this craft for my ISS as the Orion Mods are either only 5 seat or a non IVA version... :-(
  11. Got it! However... It's impossible to use the Viper as a H-AAS due to no VTOL engines or landing skids...! The craft slides on the ground and explodes before it can get airborne.... That's why I expected it to be a non-atmospheric orbit only craft, hence docking RCS capability... Can landing skids at least be added? Thanks!
  12. Love this Mod!!! Is there a CSM or Cargo Trunk with solar panels for the Rodan Capsule or the cargo capsule included with this mod? Any craft files anywhere? What are you all using under the capsules? Thanks!
  13. Great Mod! Does this work with 1.3? My CSM immediately Decouples the capsule as soon as the game loads the physics on the pad? What could be wrong? Thanks!
  14. And landing gear on the capsule like it's bigger brother! Thanks!
  15. Hmmmm... I do. Still see no color options anywhere!
  16. Love this mod!!! Will any of the modded docking ports (active or passive), contained in this mod, work with the stock "Clamp-o-Tron ports? Thanks!
  17. How do you change the color of the Soyuz capsule with the "in Color" add-on of this mod? All my capsules are still default off-white with no visible option to change textures etc... Thanks!
  18. Agreed! The Nuke reactor also can't maintain current for full thrust of 4 VTOL engines as it drops the command pod EC to 0 at about 1500AGL... Even adding and activating fuel cells, solar panels in full sunlight, etc... does nothing for the EC charge...
  19. Love this mod! However where is the heat shield and decoupler for the smaller, crewed Dragon Capsule? I only have a heat shield and decoupler ring for the larger Dragon Capsule in my parts list... Thanks!
  20. I got that... Can the RCS thrusters be fixed at least? Just need some downward pointing RCs thrusters added.. Thanks!
  21. Does this game model wing Dihedral physics? Can adding Dihedral to wings improve stability and leveling of AC and SSTO's or is it ignored? Thanks!
  22. You mean the hover engine bracket special holder? I am.... and doesn't snap directly to part center. It moves around and won't auto attach to it.
  23. Uninstalled and reinstalled all the Roverdude and USI mods in CKAN and finally got the landing legs to appear. Could my issue have been the order in which the USI mods are installed via CKAN? Should they be installed in a particular order with Firesplitter and module manager for instance?