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  1. How is this done exactly? In the VAB SPH? Or on the launch pad? Thanks!
  2. I also think you are correct about the hover engines being slightly different heights. However, I seem unable to snap them onto each side of the rover body as a pair either mirror or otherwise and placing them individually is bound to lead to symmetry issues and flight instability as you suggested. Also, when using the hover engine spacer bracket there is no direct snap point which leads me to trying to place them all in the same exact position on the bracket which obviously is goimg to be somewhat imperfectly balanced. Can a snap point be added for each mounting spacer and the mirror toggle be fixed to allow a more symmetrical positioning of the hover engines on the rover? Thanks!
  3. Ok, reinstalled all USI and Roverdude mods via CKAN and finally got the LG to display. However, no matter what I try the ducted fans completely drain the Nuke reactor of EC after about 1.3M AGL and the command pod goes out throwing off the gyros and the fans all lose their lift. What the heck do I need to do to keep up the EC to properly gain Altitude? Tried different setups and weights etc to no avail... Thanks!
  4. Copy... What does the "Hover" setting do specifically? Thanks!
  5. What causes the Full TCA Menu to appear sometimes and sometimes not? Many times I only seem to get the basic menu without the additional overlay and no options in panel for Orbital controls etc... I.E Hover mode buttons and Orbital Selection in menu...?
  6. Great Mod! However I cant seem to keep the rover from wanting to roll right immediately on liftoff... I've canceled Lateral Speed on engines but still happens... Any suggestions? Happen with and without TCA enabled and or SAS on or off as well.
  7. NOPE... NOTE THERE! Went through the Utility menu dozens of times and clicked every single item... Definitely not there. Even tried to reorganize the Utility menu by size/type/Alphabetical order ets... I'm telling you they do not show up whatsoever! Apparently, I'm not the only one with this issue!
  8. Same Issue everything USI up to date AND NO USI LANDING LEGS IN ANY MENU...!
  9. Anyone else have problems with "UP" RCS Thrust with the Viper? It only has two downward pointing RCS thrusters at the front bottom and when they fire the upper pointing RSC thrusters try to keep attitude (nose from rising) alignment which only pushes you further downward... Impossible to dock like this... A set of rear bottom downward pointing RCS Thrusters would probably fix this. Can this be fixed as I love this little craft!
  10. Love this mod... But for whatever reason I can't attach any boosters to the Falcon9 Heavy rocket. I can place the decouplers but the boosters won't snap onto them... Trying to recreate the exact Falcon 9 Heavy on NASA's Launchpad in Game!
  11. For some reason I do not have the pictured HB Landing gear anywhere in my parts? Where are the landing gear and/or how do I ad them? Are the gear somewhere else other than in the "Gear" parts tab? The stock gear are all too small.. Thanks!
  12. OK... However, its not showing the name of the Anomaly at all for some reason when it has been scanned from orbit and on the ground with the BTDT scanner in close proximity? What could be causing this?
  13. Not the Hitch the actual "Airlock" that replaces the rear door on the Rover, that is supposed to connect to another matching airlock on my base... Using the accordion piece to get them to same height and exactly level. Still will never attach?
  14. Hmmm, How do you Scan an Anomaly from obit First as it only shows up on the Map view as a "?"
  15. For some reason I can't get the rear airlock to connect anymore....Is it a compatibility issue with KIS and KJR?
  16. On a side note... A little afraid to install Porkjets excellent models as I'm concerned I will get a ton of incompatibilities with my .craft files and my mods...
  17. Getting bad flashing in Map view lately with this mod... Not sure what's causing it. Anyone else get this and find a remedy? Really don't want to go without this mod!
  18. Getting a "Missing Invalid Parts" message in the SPH... Say Missing "fueltank800" file/part? Hmmmmm, thought this was made with all stock parts?
  19. O.K. So I tried doing exactly this with the Shuttle IVA into the Orca but it still won't show... Inserted: INTERNAL { name = MK3_Cockpit_Int } From the Shuttle into the: FTT_Pod_375_01.CFG Still, No Joy... Is there a guide somewhere on how to do this via, copy paste settings from the config?
  20. Oh, you're right. Forgot I had that mod and thought it was 6 man stock...
  21. What about the IVA from the stock 6- man space shuttle cockpit? Seems like it would make a good fit?