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  1. Does the Orca Have an IVA? IS there anyway to add one from another Capsule?
  2. Hmmm, Hadn't thought of that will have to try that out! Thanks!
  3. Is this Mod still being updated? Probably the best mod out there that adds modern realistic launch vehicles... However, getting massive graphical flashing in MAP View of ghosting rocket parts. Not sure if this is caused by my GFX drivers another graphical mod or AA or AF settings... Anyone else have and resolve this issue?
  4. Is the "Orca" Command Module not supposed to have an IVA? No IVA in my game...
  5. OK Will do. However the USI Tools even latest version causes CTD's on every game load attempt... Does the USI Tools Folder have any other dependencies to load into the game? Otherwise, I wonder where the conflict is and if its a conflict w another mod? Have about 3-4 dozen mods all working together...
  6. Awesome to Hear! This capsule is a work of art and would be my GT craft for IVA piloting!
  7. On a side Note... Got this thing running on rails now, no flipping at all. Added an inline Reaction Wheel just forward of the rear propulsion motor and aft of the crew cabin; it fits perfectly. The black/yellow stripes even match beautifully. With SAS and this wheel it's the most stable craft I've piloted!
  8. USI TOOLS causes CTD's during game load. Had to delete the folder from my Game data folder to be able to load the game and this mod... Is there gonna be a 1.3 compatible version?
  9. Love all these mods in this series... However, USI tools causes an immediate CTD, on game load, out of several dozen mods this folder is the only one my game can't load and crashes on. Saw the latest update is for KSP 1.2.. Is a 1.3 compatible version in the works? Thanks!
  10. My apologies it's from the LAZTEK Dragon X mod... It seems that it contains similar CM's... Thanks!
  11. Beautiful Mod! However, I cannot get any of the stock landing legs or areo-brakes to stay retracted with in the VAB or on the Pad. I put them on retracted and they auto extend and remain that way...
  12. Great Mod...!!! However, using base mod .Craft files, all rockets flip at about 6500m using MJ (latest version) Also some of the staging is strangely messed up in the VAB and on launch and pressing spacebar does nothing to activate the stages... Orion Capsule gives a Rasta-Prop Manager ERROR, anyway to get the two mods to work together? and Orion Capsule doesn't aero-brake in the atmosphere till 5000m, (it actually speeds up during atmospheric re--entry) then it starts slowing which doesn't slow it enough to deploy chutes and it smashes into Kerbin at over 1700m/s... Not using RO BTW...
  13. BTDT not showing Anomaly on Duna in Instruments panel? Isn't this device when active supposed to identify all Anomalies'?
  14. For location reference... see in distance from anomaly: Has anyone else experienced these?
  15. Who said you can't use a rocket to get both Rangers in KLO...!
  16. Awesome! Downloaded and installed. Quite a work of art but unfortunately can run it at all as the "Fairings" Bug has the rocket and launcher completely blowing up on the pad.
  17. Anyone else having issues with the trailer hitch reattaching in 1.3 I can eventually get it to reattach but have to ram into it via backing about 20 or more times before it will stick and reattach... Is there a trick to this? Do you have to wait a bit before the hitch will reset after undocking and or do you have to drive far enough away to get it to reset? Awesome Mod BTW! Thanks!
  18. Got it sorted... Had to Re-Verify Game Files. Was missing 11 files for the game and all works fine now... Question: What does the "?" on the scan map mean?
  19. NEED Help! Got the mod installed correctly but Clicking the SCANSat Icon button does nothing for me? Doesn't open any windows or Maps... I have many other mods installed and work fine via their Icons like MechJeb etc.. I've installed and reinstalled to no avail? Can anyone offer a suggestion? TY
  20. O.K. Dumb Question... Can't seem to get the Hitch to reattach once unlocked and disconnected. Checked on KSPedia but did not see any reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated for this awesome mod!
  21. Yes, That's were it is and have tons of mods in Game data with no issues... Strange?
  22. Unable to use this mod... None of the parts show up and the craft file won't load cause it says its missing parts... Cockpit Trailer Battery Flatbed Is it broken with 1.3? Great Looking Mod!
  23. AWESOME!!!! Can't wait for it to get updated!!! And Awesome Vids! Best craft Files I've ever Downloaded. The attention to detail and the builds using all stock parts is truly an incredible work of ART! Anyway to rebuild the DRV door so it closes again so we wouldn't have to take off with a missing door that's been pushed off? Godspeed on the update and big THANKS!