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  1. Is this awesome mod still active? Can't get the doors to work on 1.3. They just spark and break.... Would love to see it updated and have a working fuel production plant on the DRV...
  2. Ok Got it. How about Saved Games? I have the Endurance Ring Built and In Kerbin Orbit with Landers and Rangers attached... Will I have to rebuild them in the VAB and Relaunch via a new game or will the new update overwrite everything in my current game state? Thanks Again!
  3. Also do we have to reinstall the whole Mod or can we just add the new Lander?
  4. Awesome Mod! Can you Fix or add the ability to have the rear docking Ranger Docking Port on the Ranger selectable separate from the Ranger Body? As is the dock cannot be independently selected to set "Control from Here" for any Docking procedures and MechJeb Auto Dock won't work with it the way its setup... May leave the dock port OFF like on the Lander so we can add ourselves. This should make it selectable! Thanks!!!