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  1. Hello everybody. Longtime fanatic of KSP, but this is my first time really on the forums. Some of you space fanatics might be interested to learn that I've been an employee of the US Space and Rocket Center for some time now. More specifically as a Space Camp Crew Trainer(You know, the guys in blue flightsuits who get to lead around teams for the week). I figured that there might be a few people around who would like to hear about the ins and outs of the Camp program, especially if there are a few interested in attending. So expect me to show up occasionally and share some photos from our lovely museum, or maybe a peek behind the scenes of Space Camp.
  2. It probably needs another pass through for balancing, but at least the parts are in sort of the right places now.
  3. Couldn't figure out how to set up a pull request on github, but I went through and fixed all the Bluedog Design parts, save for a few that don't show up in the editor. This may need some further balancing but here is the config file: Bluedog Designs