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  1. 2 hours ago, DunaManiac said:

    By the way, I noticed that the Minmus picture you showed has blue lighting on the night side. I was thinking, this possibly could be another star?

    I didn't catch this. There's a decent chance it is planetshine from Kerbin. But also in the video, what appears to be Eeloo has this same blue lighting on the night side.... So it could be a second star. Seems like it'd have to be awful close to Kerbol to shine that much. My last guess is that it's just lighting they're using in the pre-alpha for whatever reason.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Loskene said:

    Look closer at the edges of all the fissure pictures posted so far, you'll see even despite their contrast they don't just magically go from lava to grass or dirt without any intermediary stage, which is what the KSP version looks like.

    They don't? It sure looks to me like they do. At some point folks have to wonder if people are dissatisfied just for the sake of being dissatisfied.

  3. I'm already too late to the scene on this thread so this won't get noticed near as much as I wish it would. As long as someone with @SQUAD sees it though. I've got to say that something like a fissure eruption is supposed to stand out against its terrain and all the comments saying otherwise should be, frankly, ignored. I'm in southern Idaho which has multiple flows and they stick out like a sore thumb with contrasting color and steep sides at the edges. Geologically, what we are being shown in the KSP Loading video is spot on. People saying otherwise have apparently never seen a real lava flow before.

  4. 6 hours ago, M.M.I said:

    Just noticed that on Eve picture there is wiring between the solar panel aparratus and the one behind it! And it does not seem to be a single item. If that is the level of visuals in connecting items on surface, I am really really impressed.

    Someone upthread pointed that out! I hope you’re right. It’d be really fun setting up something that good-looking on the surface of the Mun!

  5. 1 hour ago, Geonovast said:

    Look at the pic above it.  That one has white on the edges, which would be all that's visible in the Eve pic.  My guess would be that they're changing the look.

    Looking at that picture you’re talking about, it looks like the parachute is in the same place as something else that we haven’t seen before. The green that’s visible is not part of the parachute, it’s part of something else. Interest has been piqued. 

  6. Hey fellow configurators of contracts,

    I'm missing something simple it seems, but I can't find what it is. I've got an expression REQUIREMENT node that checks that a space station has no crew onboard but the REQUIREMENT or accompanying DATA node has an error in it somewhere. I used a DATA node to reference the station. Looking through the in-game log details, I see this:

    "Cannot find method 'CrewCount' for class 'Double'." 

    My DATA node specifies that it's of type 'Vessel', but is it being treated as a Double? Anyone else have this problem and has found the probable one line of code that is missing when this error comes up?

    		name = StationHasNoCrew
    		type = Expression
    		title = No Crew On Board
    		expression = targetVesselKSSCore.CrewCount() == 0
    		hideChildren = true
    		hidden = false
    		type = Vessel
    		title = Target KSS Core
    		targetVesselKSSCore = AllVessels().Where(tvKSSCore => tvKSSCore.IsOrbiting() == true && tvKSSCore.VesselType() == Station && tvKSSCore.FreeDockingPorts() > 0 && tvKSSCore.ResourceCapacity(ElectricCharge) >= 1000 && tvKSSCore.ResourceCapacity(MonoPropellant) >= 10 && tvKSSCore.ResourceCapacity(Supplies) >= 100).SelectUnique()
    		requiredValue = true


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