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  1. My understanding is that no one has heard from Ferram in a full year or more? I don't disagree with your logic, but I feel like you might be waiting for a train that isn't coming.
  2. It looks like you're building rockets in the spaceplane hanger, which will make things... Odd. The center of lift in the hanger is assuming that you vehicle is traveling towards the door. Try the same thing in the VAB where it assumes your rocket will travel towards the ceiling.
  3. Tested again with only this mod and FAR in 1.5, still having over correction issues.
  4. So I have some issues with bouncing. If I tell it to maintain an altitude, or a pitch angle, it bounces a bit violently. None of my planes will track straight down the runway. 1.4 with FAR, which might be the problem.
  5. I know this is a dumb question, how do I disable the other ground stations? Now that I have a complete relay system in orbit I would like to have less ground stations cluttering my menu.
  6. Two silly questions. Some of the larger colonization parts show up in the VAB but I cannot do anything with them. It says something like, ”additional purchase in r&d required”. I've paid the unlock cost. Also, what's the best way to stay up to date on constellation updates?
  7. Im having an issue where some of my missions using modded parts report a negative cost, any ideas why this might be happening?
  8. Come on guys, let's be excellent to each other. Even if I toggle everything off in the KJR menu this mod had seemed to break infernal robotics. Any suggestions? Does your new release solve this and/or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Have you added the world stabilizing mod? That might help with the being stuck to the runway issue. I use FAR but I pretty much sick with Big-S Delta wings.
  10. Hey Joe, FAR and life support mods are not required. Legacy and main contain different parts, both compatable with 1.4.3 with use of this reconfigure update. I don't know anything about ckan. I strongly recommend copying your entire KSP install into a backup folder before installing any mods if you're nervous.
  11. @JadeOfMaar has done an amazing job keeping these parts funtioning in 1.4, and I am really thankful. The way the game calculates drag makes it difficult to really take advantage of these badass parts in my humble opinion, and I find this mod to be way more enjoyable and predicable with FAR, and I recommend you check it out. This isn't to say that FAR is a required workaround, it isn't.
  12. Hey, Ive noticed an issue when using this mod with OPT SpacePlane Parts and engines. Im finding that this mod, when activating an engine that has two modes, activates both modes at the same time. For example, on an afterburner style engine this mod activates both wet and dry modes. Is there a way to fix this?