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  1. Mobile Version of KSP

    All of these ideas could work but the issue is actually making the port. We don’t want another console catastrophe... Well I can’t remember exactly where I found the info, but the Core i7-4700MQ is clocked at 2.4 ghz, and the A11 chip in the iPhone 8 has a 2.4ghz clock speed. However, the i7 is an x86 chip and the A11 is an ARM processor. Here’s a semi-decent article about the iPhone vs a MacBook Pro in geek bench.
  2. Mobile Version of KSP

    Well I think current hardware could maybe actually run KSP barely. For example, the iPhone 8 has a 2.4ghz 6 core processor which is comparable to some laptops. The problem is controls though. There would have to be an external controler to have enough inputs to play. And there’s the problem of getting it to run on an ARM processor, and not making KSP max the devices RAM.
  3. Graphics sugguestions?

    @Rocket Witch, Isnt the FX8350 4 cores 4 threads??
  4. Graphics sugguestions?

    @NateisKerbal 4.6 ghz!!!!111oneone thats insane.
  5. @meatballcannon, do you need a laptop? And what does relatively inexpensive mean? Like $500, or $300? Because a laptop with a dedicated graphics card can run around 600-1000 dollars. For 500, you could build a decent PC, but if you need a laptop, then be warned you'll have to pay more.
  6. Recovering landed stages

    I love reusable rockets! I normally have an ssto lifter and then I'll strap some solids on if I have to get that extra delta v. Then I'll leave the first stage in orbit until I rendezvous or finish my primary mission. Then I'll pilot the first stage down and I can normally land on the KSC peninsula, but sometimes I land in the desert. I do recommend trajectories, and other than that, just practice a whole bunch.
  7. Lol-just found this meme

    Oh goodness, I didn't expect this meme to become an ANGRY SNOOZE, as said by @NSEP. to everyone who thinks the meme isn't funny because it is technically correct, it's funny because whoever made the meme must have thought you must go straight up to reach orbit. (At least, that's what I find funny)
  8. Lol-just found this meme

    It's implying that space is straight up, and nasa is wrong to go sideways. It's saying that nasa fakes all rocket launches because the earth is flat.
  9. Lol-just found this meme

    Just saying, I am not a flat earther, I just thought it was funny since you have to go sideways to go into orbit
  10. Lol-just found this meme

    Exactly. I guess the creator of this meme didn't think about KSP players getting their hands on it. And yes, it came up when I searched flat earth memes.....
  11. Can you get rid of the city lights? Is there a .cfg i can edit?
  12. Came here for RSS/RO

    Hello @gooseapple! Welcome.
  13. Infernal Robotics replacement?

    I must have installed incorrectly when I tried it. Thanks!
  14. Does anyone know of a replacement for Infernal Robotics? Is there an unofficial patch or something? I've seen Konstruction! but I'm not sure if its exactly what I want. You can download the parts just fine but there is no way to control them. Oh yeah, I use 1.3