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  1. I really like this mod, but I think I might have a problem. Does this mod include Soyuz launcher parts? Because I have the capsules and station parts (which look great!) but there are no rocket parts. I downloaded the one from the op, if that is not current or something. Thanks.
  2. I've seen someone put an inflatable heat shield in the front, and have 3 or 4 inflatables in the back. The inflatables induce a lot of drag, so it keeps the ship stable. I've never actually aerobraked, because I always forget heat shields, but this is how I'll probably do it once I go do Jool-5 or a grand tour.
  3. Wait, so now we are getting extraplanetary launchpads in the stock (expansion) game? Or will it be a pad that can spawn vessels for use in the mission? I hope it's the latter. Also, super hyped for the eclipse!
  4. Do you mean a seaplane, or do you mean a hydrofoil? If its seaplanes, I can kind of help with that, but hydrofoils I have no idea. What I need to know is what exactly you mean by hydroplane.
  5. I agree. I wish parts would bend a lot more before they explode or snap apart. It surprised me when this happened though, I expected the plane to shear itself apart and disentigrate, but it didn't. Must have been more than 20 gees then...
  6. Today I was flying my SSTO as a normal plane, but really fast. At low altitude. I then decided it would be perfectly safe to pull a 20+ G turn. Then this happened: Has anyone seen this before? In the second and third pictures.
  7. I dislike the earliest parts of the game, when you struggle to get to orbit, and grinding all the science everywhere. Once you get to the Mun, then it gets fun. Once you go to another planet it's really fun, but then it becomes sandbox after landing everywhere. So I normally play sandbox-career, where I can do contracts and stuff, but still be able to fool around.
  8. Wow, I thought my Peregrine rocket was huge, no pictures at the moment, I'm still developing it, takes 75 tons to LKO, then has enough fuel to land propulsively. I bet it could send 30 tons around the mun, or but 30 tons in Keostationary orbit. It feels so small compared to these monstrosities. EDIT: Yay, 50th post!
  9. Make sure you bring a sacrifice to the kraken, or the claws will become possessed by the Kraken himself. on topic: I might try this challenge,I've never gone to an asteroid, but it might be a good idea to do so.
  10. I like the ones with the three colors, and I would probably only get 4 of them, maybe 5. I'd want liquid fuel, oxidizer, monoprop, and electric charge. Also maybe atmosphere, bit I'm not sure yet. those lm9413s are pretty expensive, but I think they would be worth it for cool resources display. Now I'm thinking about my annouciator panel (definitely spelled that wrong), and what I want it to show, and how I'm going to build it. Probably I'll put overheating, ground proximity, low fuel, low oxidizer, low monoprop, low elec charge. Maybe I'll put if chutes are safe to open, but I'm not sure if that's sent in the packet. If not, I'm sure there's a list for the chutes, and safe speeds that they could be opened. Any other ideas? For building the actual annouciator display, I'll probably get a sheet of plexiglass, and I'll make little dividers for each segment, and I'll throw in a diffused LED into each one. It'll be pretty easy to build, and coding it shouldn't (knock on wood) be too hard. For my Master caution and Terrain, I'll wire a buzzer to the master caution, and then I'll be able to press the button to quiet it, but the light will stay lit, until the caution is over, and It will reset itself to play sound if it triggers. The terrain alarm is harder, since I want to play a certain sound. I've found SD card modules that have a 3.5 mm jack output, and then you would plug into a speaker that would play the sound. The arduino sends a signal to the SD card module, which plays a certain .wav file, and then it plays through the speaker. I'm going to probably use an old speaker from a dead laptop that I have 2 of, so I can mess up on one. Not on the subject of alarms, but I found this great instructable This is what I'll do to turn on the kindle when it's in my panel. I'll be able to remove it, but it will be easier to flip the switch, and it will turn on whenever power flows to it. Edit: what is the best way to cut plexiglass? I wonder if I should use that stuff for the front of my panel where I mount everything. It seems more ridged than .125 inch aluminum, not to mention cheaper. I can paint it I believe, and it would look good.
  11. That's what I'm thinking, so it would be 2 displays side by side, and there would be three rows of them the top would be elec. charge, the middle would be liquid fuel, and the bottom would be oxidizer. Edit, I would need a driver, or I might run out of pins on the mega.
  12. Well, just an idea. What about these? I could put the, for LF/O and electric charge, maybe 2 side by side for a longer scale.
  13. Ok, sorry, was confused. I like the look of those, maybe I could make them display some bars that show fuel and oxidizer, and electric charge. Maybe one for each,,and I could make it flash red when it's low, or the master caution could do that.
  14. I'm confused what those are for... I'm looking for 7 segments.