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  1. Even if Saturn C-8 was a good choice, BDB is only lacking in the "large crewed payloads" category (besides Apollo stack/Skylab). The team's work on historical launch vehicle families seems nearing completion.
  2. While everyone's on the subject of Saturn fairings, could we get a SAF switch to 2 cylindrical sections for the S4B base? The current Skylab (3-seg) and Short (1-seg) options don't allow something in-between.
  3. Does the Galileo team have plans to integrate Rational Resources or is that already considered "baked-in" to the planets?
  4. Does anyone have a good Mun rover craft/subassembly file or ideas on how to stuff one into the J-class LEM bay? I don't use BG or other robotic parts mods. I figured this is the best place to ask.
  5. Capsule - refined various components and beveled the bottom Started heatshield
  6. The venerable Notantares "Big Khleb" fills a unique niche among part mod pods - 6 crew in a 1.875m capsule. Unfortunately, its art is growing long in the tooth compared to newer mods and revamps. I took it upon myself to build its spiritual successor(s): the Shortbow and Longbow 3- and 6-crew command modules, respectively. (Screenshots are of the 6-victim crew Longbow) It currently stands 1.4m tall with a 1.875m diameter bottom and .9375m top. The tunnel in the top is .625m to match smaller ports. Parachutes (coming later) will fill the void between the tunnel and inner aeroshell. Planned: Archer-3 'Shortbow' Command Pod (4 main windows) Archer-6 'Longbow' Command Pod (6 main windows) Archer-DP Drogue Parachute Archer-MP Main Parachute(s) Archer-HS 1.875m Heat Shield (integrated airbags) TAC-Life Support compatibility patches (if anyone makes Kerbalism configs the capsules should be quite cramped) Basic IVAs .9375m docking port (may redistribute (with permission) Benjee10's Habtech port)
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