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  1. @sslaptnhablhat There is a patch to convert the KS-25 into an LH2/Ox engine in Nertea's CryoEngines download, and simply run Restock as normal
  2. Launching a ScanSat probe to the Mun in Team Galileo's excellent JNSQ planet pack https://imgur.com/a/qRoQyWc
  3. When pigs fly...into space! Also, a question: will all of those adapter tanks be separate parts or B9PS variants?
  4. Mounting it on an Energia core with 4 Zenit boosters should work, whether the Polyus is strapped to the side (historical) or placed on top (non-historical).
  5. Yes, I believe someone by the name of Gotmachine was working on B9 part switch configs to do exactly that but he seems to have stopped working on it.
  6. Maybe you don't even need a plugin, try enabling it to be 'Set As Target' or a magnetic force like the docking ports can.
  7. Also, will there be midrange hypergolic lifter engines such as the LR-87/Proton engines?
  8. Here's an idea: C class (for Crewed), throttleable hypergolic manned spacecraft engines like the LMDE/LMAE, AJ-10-137/190, etc
  9. Absolutely blows the Bobcat out of space breathtaking! And imagining the rest of the Titan-series engines at that quality...
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