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  1. A mod named SMURFF balances KSP fuel mass fractions for stock and modded (i.e BDB) tanks, which helps out a lot in 2.5x and beyond.
  2. If that were true, BDB wouldn't have crewed parts
  3. @sslaptnhablhat
  4. Saltshaker

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    I can't wait until @RoverDude gets to see Nertea's amazing work!
  5. the bebbe is hongry
  6. Saltshaker

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    Whoa Nertea, those look amazing? I hope you're planning to revamp the 2.5m tanks as well!
  7. Would you be so kind as to add those tank/engine textures into Tantares In Colors?
  8. It's more a demonstration craft than anything actually built (or proposed). However, I imagine it would be useful for orbit-to-orbit applications.
  9. See these drawing and more 'ere. [Drawings by Ed Jenne] BTW, @CobaltWolf thanks! I find military space projects like this and the X-20 fascinating. Imgur albums don't play nice with forum posts, so you may want to change the url.
  10. Apollo-Style upper stage in tantares parts. Imgur albums are kinda finicky with the forums, so just post the image links here.
  11. I recommend deleting the parts that you don't need/won't use, as the mod is quite modular in that regard; for example, you can delete the folder EarlyRockets under GameData\Bluedog_DB\Parts if you don't want those.
  12. Interestingly enough, just a few thread pages back there was a little discussion about both orange foam S-IC/II and extensions for them. On Barbarian, there are already a few parts on BDB's master github page, though it is still incomplete. There is already an analogue to the RS-25 in stock KSP, though if you want more variations I'd suggest Cormorant Aeronology or SSTU. The latter also contains an RS-68, and an analogue can be found in Nertea's CryoEngines. It's great you've found this mod, and happy launchings!
  13. Also, the second antenna isn't from BDB, it's from a separate mod called Tantares.