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  1. Hmm...does it rhyme with Bittle Losmos?
  2. I balanced them so that you can actually build a Jupiter, or at least the basic 130.
  3. I made an MM patch that should convert all the Jupiter tankage to use LF/Ox, useful if you are using CryoTanks' universal fuel switch configs. It also provides a Community Tech Tree configuration for all Jupiter parts.
  4. Perhaps because the original Integrated Program Plan intended for the STS to bring the tug to orbit?
  5. Saltshaker

    KSP Weekly: Closer to Bennu

    I believe SQUAD has already tried that, as with Porkjet's attempted part revamp. Besides, as much as we may disparage him, Roverdude was an unpaid, community modder at one point. Thankfully, as shown in the Ultima Thule thread there are community members working to improve the games art for free; it might be a good idea to show them some monetary support.
  6. A mod named SMURFF balances KSP fuel mass fractions for stock and modded (i.e BDB) tanks, which helps out a lot in 2.5x and beyond.
  7. If that were true, BDB wouldn't have crewed parts
  8. @sslaptnhablhat
  9. Saltshaker

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    I can't wait until @RoverDude gets to see Nertea's amazing work!
  10. Saltshaker

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    Whoa Nertea, those look amazing? I hope you're planning to revamp the 2.5m tanks as well!
  11. Would you be so kind as to add those tank/engine textures into Tantares In Colors?
  12. It's more a demonstration craft than anything actually built (or proposed). However, I imagine it would be useful for orbit-to-orbit applications.
  13. See these drawing and more 'ere. [Drawings by Ed Jenne] BTW, @CobaltWolf thanks! I find military space projects like this and the X-20 fascinating. Imgur albums don't play nice with forum posts, so you may want to change the url.