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  1. Note: this is all with RSS and RO My longest mission was about a day, flying the ship was 5 hours to the moon, this was the maned ship of my moon base, the rest was testing and building; I also had some problems in the flight(this wasent all followed becaused I had stuff like secondary school). Longest project was my moon base, with 3 total launchs, the first about 5-7 hours and same with the second, the third I just said above, in total minimum 34 hours and max 38 hours. This was all through out a few months, starting in late october an finishing in march. And longest time with ksp open and playing is about a week. Normally when I play ksp I have it opened from 6 hours to a day.
  2. @soundnfury Oh ok. Thanks anyway. I have it in stock (with real fuels) and It works, not sure if its overpowered though.
  3. @4x4cheesecake Thanks! Now that I saw the name mod it reminded me it was that one. Anyway, if you want to kniow why I needed it, wsa because in my RSS save where I put a lot of mods started to takea while to exit and enter buildings(most time was SPH and VAB because I have 5600 parts , takes about 2-3 min enter, exit those 2 and enter and exit other buildings takes less than a minute, and before I didnt have as many parts)
  4. Wanted to say that this mod is great as it allows to have more custom engines, but one question, will there be an option to change the ISP because thrust is changeable, size is changeable with tweakscale and shape dosent really matter(to me at least, with size of it im fine about looks) and the isp not being changeable is a bit of an issue to me as I sometimes recreate rockets and some times for the not so famous there are no engiens so I need to chose soem that are similar to those I need. Thanks.
  5. A while ago I had a mod that allowed me to switch between buildings without going to the Kerbal Space Center menu, so like changing from the SPH to the VAB or vice-versa or from like the R&D building to Misson control , you get the point. Now the problem I have is that I uninstalled it and I want it back but cant find it. If anyone can find it or something similar(I dont remember the name and it was KSP version 1.3.1), that would be nice. Thanks.