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  1. JPGSP

    KSP crash

    Is anyone going to help?
  2. JPGSP

    [1.3.1] Simple Procedural Engines

    Really like this mod, I tested on KSP with RSS and RO (like is intended to ) and is really good, now with this mod I can recreate more accurate rockets. If there is something I don't like is that I can't choose the ISP, which mean I can't have 100% accurate engines, but for everything else, very nice. (probably going to make a review of it on my channel(even that it's not that known)).
  3. JPGSP

    KSP crash

    @Gargamel Ok, here is the error file: And the KSP.log file: And the output log here:
  4. I don't know why, but after instaling this mods: CRE, SoundtrackeditorV4.4(I uninstall it before I launched the game last time), Jules Kerman ATV Ariane 5 LonesomeRobots Aerospace 1.2, AN-JPLV-0.5 and Chinese Pack Continued; the game crashes while loading, and I tried already about 5 times to fix it, but it stills doesn't work, so if someone could help me, that will be good. The files are here:(look at my second post in this page)
  5. @Phineas Freak This might sound weird(I haven't test it yet)but it might be texture replacer, because before I aded the mod it worked fine, so il test the game without it. (its not)
  6. @Phineas Freak After loading the game again the buttons do not appear
  7. @Phineas Freak Thanks, I will try it later(currently busy) and see if it works. @Xd the great The problem is that the buttons wont appear
  8. I was playing in KSP 1.3.1 with RSS and RO and when i go to the tracking station the buttons that allow me to change ksc location do not appear, a few days ago it worked and I don't know what the problem is. Here are the logs:
  9. JPGSP

    KSP Jokes

    So I just searched for KSP jokes in the forums but only found 1 page which is pretty old, and as the title says this is for ksp jokes, if you got any put them here.
  10. @Xd the great I haven't tried mechjeb one that much but from my experience I think the best for the tanks I think as I said before to guard and go in circles until an enemy arrives, but I can use mechjeb's one until I get the BDArmory one working. And by the way I have a save for battles ksp v145 with mods from the series of fall of kerbin and mods that I like. And before I forget I'm going to try the MJ autopilot too. I also got the BonVoyage autopilot which I'm also going to try. Update: The one of BonVoyageI cant get to work and the MJ one I'm only able to get it to get the speed throtel working but I only need that.
  11. @Xd the great Is not the same, you need to specify where you want it to go while the BDarmory one you just click a button for each tank and they will start moving and fighting and also being from the same mod they are "coordinated"(or at least what I think). The mechjeb one is useful for the tanks to guard so the go to a specific point but not for them to go forward until they encounter an enemy.
  12. @SpannerMonkey(smce) I was looking at the dll file BDArmory.dll of both v131 and v14 and found this : What I found is that the bottom(v14) if I open AIUtils it has the different AI while the upper one(v131) has only for air. Oh and to make it work what I need to change is that(dll file), right?
  13. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Got that. And nope, I don't know much coding apart from a bit of python(because of school, was the best of my class) and currently learning the Arduino language because I got one for my birthday(and because at my lunchtime I make circuits with my science teacher)
  14. JPGSP

    Misspell the Username!

    Hello Tapones (in Spanish it means plugs)
  15. JPGSP

    Rate the location....

    7/10 Nice planetary system.