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  1. NECROPOSTING! Also, in first KSP DLC there is also new engine attachment points with configurable fairing length and variable engine attachment points.
  2. [snip] Engines never fail, because they're perfectly engineered and built by robots, not kerbals. RTGs lasts forever because of kerbal tech, they can make a material, that can produce some energy, but it will never stop doing it. Also, kerbals have tech to make resources out of money. Yes, they just convert money into fuel, oxidizer, monopropellant, xenon, ore...
  3. Landed on Duna for the fisrt time... and added an landmark for my first Duna surface base!
  4. No, moar engines. Because foldable blades are too hard to make.
  5. There's no need of making blades detachable to make heli foldable. Just use two per engine.
  6. Nah, this one already present in Breaking Ground DLC
  7. Maybe some sort of editor tools for better craft building, like various measurement helpers, XRay, angle helpers, CoM/Thrust vector/Lift vector position readouts, staged CoM/thrust vector/lift vector. Because reasons.
  8. Isn't better launch a plane then quickly reconfigure it into rocket mid-flight? I think, its a really cool idea.
  9. Have you noticed, that kerbals can survive being in space with space suit only? Where do they get the oxygen? Well, here's answer: they produce it by themselfes. Yes, they just doing some photosynhesis, they're green like plants, so their skins may contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll turns carbon dioxide into the oxygen and stuff, when lit by sun. Also, it makes things green! Your thoughts?
  10. So, there comes the problem, where they get these toys? And how they playing them? Isn't better make them just wander around stuff and look at all this. And when there comes another lander, they come in line but in some distance to look at, and when it is landedsuccesfully, they cheer and clap, but if crashed and stops moving, they come to see, what happens and trying to save survived kerbals.