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  1. Kerbal Flambe

    Space Race

    Clearly ManEatingApe has the minimum number of launches. I am actually shocked that it can be done with only 2 launches.
  2. Kerbal Flambe

    Space Race

    In Career Mode, Hard Level, plant a flag on Mun and return safely to Kerbin. The catch is that you can only launch 5 vehicles. Hard version: plant a flag on Minmus, and return safely to Kerbin, with only 5 launches. Note: Gathering science at KSP via a module or rover is allowed, but it counts as one of the 5 launches. So only 5 vehicles can leave the VAB or SH. The fifth vehicle must make it to Mun and back. No game changing mods allowed, and the reputation must be non-negative at all times (so no Bail-Out Grants). I used version 1.3.0, which has a slightly different tech tree than earlier versions. Not sure if this is a help or a hindrance. The reason why this is a "Space Race" is that there is another (imaginary) space agency that can make it on their sixth launch. Although internally the game keeps track of how many launches there have been, there currently is not a way to reveal a log of previous launches. So this will have to be on the honour system. I don't plan on keeping a leaderboard, since either the goal is met, or not. Winner can be based on the in-game clock at recovery.