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  1. [a part mod inspired by Luna, Venera, Insight, Sojourner, Curiosity, plus some convenience stuff] Introduction Hi there, space-traveler! Don't just stand there; come in, look around, try out our classic hot-pants - the originals, the best, famous around the solar system! And, welcome to... Aah, more interested in rocket parts, aye? Well, no matter, we got that too. As of now, our line-up consists of just two manufacturers of very essential cosmos equipment. Martin & The Probes The up-town start-up company Martin & The Probes was funded by the income gained from the chart-topping hipster band with the same name. They focus on neat stuff for your everyday probe needs. RB-1 Spherical Probe Container (1.25m non-atmospheric lander) This product has been called the flag ship of M&TP, at least by their commercial department! This very handy spherical container protects your important scientific equipment, that someone is paying for you to bring to some place despite every scientific opportunity there having been exhausted already! Crash tolerant, comes with internal batteries and is like totally round - you'd be crazy not to buy it! RB-2 Reentry sphere (1.875m atmospheric lander) Land your probes in style with this heat resistant thingamabob! Made from the finest plastic composites on the planet. Well, on a planet. RB-4 Space Container (3.75m space or lander fairing) This positively large deployable fairing is a great fit whenever you need to send way too much sensitive equipment to space. Comes with an extra bottle of spray paint! Thermal Fairing (3.75m top cover for heat shield) Land in style on distant planets using the latest in cone-based technology! AID-X1 (0.625m decoupler) Ever wanted to put a non-stackable item on both the top and bottom of your probe? Fret no more - the Advanced Interstage Decoupler is here you help you! AID-X2 (1.5m decoupler) The larger version of the interstage decoupler lets you stack even bigger non-stackable things together! Astro Composites International Here at ACI we believe space is 20% science and 80% fashion! We focus on structural rigid components for your spectacular rocketry moments! Lightweight Hex Platform (2.5m inner diameter - probe lander platform) Sometimes, building probes vertically doesn't really cut it - spruce things up with this amazing probe platform, which comes with integrated holes! Hex Struct (1.25m - structural building block) No-one is really sure what this is intended for, so we usually just store our designer wellies in it. The top can be removed, but only by our senior engineers. Review Download Download from CKAN (RocketEmporium) or grab it from here. Dependencies Some parts (the robotic ones) are fully dependent on AnimatedAttachment to do anything useful. Many more will benefit greatly from it being installed. It will allow you to attach solar panels on the probe containers, for example. Known issues * The view from the cameras doesn't contain all effects, like atmosphere. Compatibility No known issues with any 1.4.x version. Has not been tested with earlier versions. Change log License Published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. Credits Thanks to @Atubara for the awesome artwork in the top =) Visit https://www.reddit.com/r/kerbalculture/ for more great fan-art!
  2. Unfortunately I'm swamped at work for the time being, so I have been unable to progress. Hope for better times and more KSP in the not too distant future =)
  3. This mod adds a PartModule that enable generic animations to move sub parts! Thus, it is a light-weight option for modders and players to use instead of the more advanced robotics mods out there. Even works for stock parts! When a part contains components that move (due to animations, gimballing or moving control surfaces), this part module can move any connected part in response. Thus, a part modder may add a moving boom, rotators, hinges etc without learning anything more than they already know from before. Parts are moved by using physical forces in the joints. This means that they will obey the laws of physics. Limitations & known issues #3 There is a caveat for physics-less parts - while they and any other physics-less sub-parts to them will move with the animation, any physics-enabled sub-parts will not. For example, a cubic strut connected to a hinge will move with it, but a tank connected to the cubic strut will not. Basic usage AnimatedAttachment will be automatically added to all parts containing a ModuleAnimateGeneric, ModuleGimbal or ModuleControlSurface. So there is no need to do anything else to your config. Players simply use the "Deploy" button or similar to run the animation and any connected sub-part will move with it. Advanced usage A player can adjust this in the VAB by enabling the stock feature "Advanced tweakables" in the settings and then right clicking the animated part, to set maximum force and spring strength. Part modders may potentially override the default settings in the part module, but this has not been tested much yet. Mods using AnimatedAttachments Rocket Emporium contains several parts that uses this part module Compatibility This mod has been tested for compatibility with * KJR * KIS/KAS License Released under CCA-NC-SA 4.0. Credit Thanks to @Rudolf Meier, @blowfish and others for answering many questions about quaternions and whatnot, and @HebaruSan for the awesome work with CKAN. Change log Download Download from CKAN or from github.
  4. Hi! Yes, in stock settings, choose Advanced Tweakables, and you can select the joint strengths in the VAB Indeed, no parts in this mod. There are parts in my other mod, Rocket Emporium, that uses AA. =)
  5. Thanks for the report! I have an intensive period at work now, but in a week or two I should be able to get around trying to replicate it =)
  6. That is (should be) totally fine! I do it all the time. Please check: * Do you have the latest version? * Remember that you need to make sure you are adding them so that the animated node is not connected to the parent. With that being said, I have seen some odd situation like that popping up too, but I haven't been able to really replicate it. If possible, add a screenshot of your setup =) Sounds pretty reasonable to me! This mod already removes the NoAttach tags from individual colliders, but doesn't change the attach rules at the moment.
  7. Pangolin Mechanic's Toolkit! Ever wish you could stop your cargo from going through a cargo bay during high g forces? Ever been annoyed robotics arms can go through parts of your vessel? Would you like cargo bay doors stopping when hitting something instead of going through it? Are you creating odd contraptions where you want more control of the physics of the vessel, like engines, gears, etc? In that case, PMK might be for you! It adds 3 functions to parts, available from the right click menu. They all start in inactive mode. All settings in this mod are visible only when you have activated the stock setting "Advanced tweakable" in the settings menu! Intra vessel collisions You can now activate collisions for parts against other parts in the same vessels! There are 3 different settings: None - as stock Only active - collide against other parts that have mode "Only active" or "All parts" All parts - collide against all other parts of the vessel Issues: Notice that no parts will collide with the directly connected parts, in other words direct parent or children. This seems to be enforced in a deeper layer of Unity or KSP and I haven't found a way to solve it. It is good for performance and makes sense in most situations, so not a huge problem. Animation stopper This small function will stop a generic animation if any of the doors hit another collider. This applies both to other vessels, and other parts inside the same vessel - if you have enabled intra vessel collisions =) Issues: I haven't figured out a perfect way to stop the animation without messing with the deploy limit. So currently, when it stops, it will set the deploy limit to that specific angle. Without doing this, the open/close buttons don't work as expected. Some stock parts still behave wonky in regards to the open/close buttons. I think it has to do with reversed animations. Should be fixable. Joint unlocker Now you can unlock stock joints! For example, create a hinge from stock parts! Create a rotator for a helicopter style craft. Or why not a piston for some kind of complicated gear? Issues: Currently, there seems to be some gimbal lock issue when rotating around the angular x axis (roll, like a rotatron). It kinda goes 90 degrees, then starts vibrating, risking a kraken situation. The Y and Z axis are sharing some settings in Unity, so it is currently not possible to unlock them separately. This should be fixable tho. Compatibility This mod has been tested for compatibility with * Animated Attachment License Released under CCA-NC-SA 4.0. Change log Download Download from CKAN or from github.
  8. Do you mean the same type of deploy limit that is visible for most animated parts? In that case, yes, that should be a simple matter of applying an MM patch. If it works without adverse effects, it seems like a reasonable thing to include in this mod =) Edit: tested, and it is possible to show the deploy limit. But, when clicking Open, the animation goes directly to the fully open position instead of doing the animation. It seems the stock animation logic has some issue =S
  9. Sure you can! Unfortunately, they will rotate in opposite directions if you add the rotatrons in symmetry mode =S If you add them separately, with their own rotations and home positions, you can probably make it work. Edit: actually a hinge, just like you were asking for, worked perfectly =D I used the Rocket Emporium hinges for testing
  10. A UI to control generic animations would be cool note sure it is feasible.. can take a look
  11. Alright! I tested the following situations: 1. Without AA, surface attach a panel, then Tweakscale the size - works ok. 2. With AA, surface attach a panel, then Tweakscale the size - does not work as expected! Position gets offset somehow 3. With AA, Tweakscale the size, then surface attach a panel - looks okey, also during animation RCS works okey even after animation =) Regarding wheels, I think you'll have to tune this yourself. KSP stock handles this pretty badly without animations already (from a player perspective) so I don't count on it being better with animations. I'll see if I can test B9 later.
  12. There is no window when you click Active, just a small, small view finder on the actual model =) On the SOAP-2, there is a larger display. Science point can currently only be collected landed. Mostly, due to limited time for testing in orbit at the moment. Well, actually I'm working on another mod at the moment, but I will try to circle back to these cameras soon.
  13. Aha! These two parts are pretty much in beta stage still and probably requires more work. I'm hesitant if maybe I should put them in a separate mod in order to not create too much confusion for the rest of RE. I thought it was working decently in the latest release, 1.8.2... but I see I am also experiencing problems right now in my install. Anyway, basic idea is: * Click Display: Active (to see where you are aiming) * Click Take photo * Click View photo/panorama - this should show the photo. For me it is just black at the moment In the SOAP-2 you need to rotate around to create a panorama composite * Click Prepare transmission - this will create the science popup window and actually give you the option to send it. At this point, collecting science should work (and does for me)!
  14. Thanks! I dont think that would be an issue, but i dont use them my self. Is there any moving parts in these mods?
  15. Katten

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Hehe, thanks, but it doesn't allow any control of sequences etc so I guess they have a bit of different niches
  16. Yes, it is the version file that links to the download page.
  17. Gosh, not again. I need to redo my scripts, lol. Will fix that and the description. Edit: @HebaruSan, it is fixed!
  18. Hello, could this be added to CKAN? http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?download&id=585
  19. Katten

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I'm fiddling around with a plugin that lets you control collisions between parts on your vessel, plus unlocking joints! I think it could be useful in some normal game situations (like stopping parts from going through a cargo bay), and building odd contraptions.
  20. Summary Chrononaut is a tool for part modders to reduce the time spent on reloading the database when trying out changes to their parts. In flight mode, press F8 to reload the models of the parts in your current vessel. Features (implemented and planned) [x] Enabled in flight mode [x] Enabled in the VAB editor [x] Reload meshes from file [x] Update transforms [x] Update UVs [x] Supports configs using the mesh attribute [x] Supports configs using the MODEL module [x] Configurable action key [x] Update model structure [x] Update textures [ ] Attach nodes [ ] Reload IVA:s Known issues * will not load textures that were added (in contrast to updated) after the game was started * breaks the functionality of engines and other complex objects in flight Latest release Available on CKAN or: https://github.com/KSPKatten/Chrononaut/releases Change log License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  21. Katten

    [1.4.2] Chrononaut v0.4.1 - part mod tool

    Could be. Yes, there are releases available, of the stuff that goes into the GameData folder (the mod is also available under CKAN). I'll update the release after I've had time to test that the recompiled version still works.
  22. Katten

    [1.4.2] Chrononaut v0.4.1 - part mod tool

    Thanks! Hmm, i didnt commit the dll after removing the (unused) reference from the project file, so that's probably why. Will do when i get to my laptop!
  23. Katten

    [1.4.2] Chrononaut v0.4.1 - part mod tool

    @DuoDex Who do I need to get chocolate icecream in order for my links to be visisble again? =)