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  1. I guess so, but i only test with the latest version really
  2. [a part mod inspired by Luna, Venera, Insight, Sojourner, Curiosity, plus some convenience stuff] Introduction Hi there, space-traveler! Don't just stand there; come in, look around, try out our classic hot-pants - the originals, the best, famous around the solar system! And, welcome to... Aah, more interested in rocket parts, aye? Well, no matter, we got that too. As of now, our line-up consists of just two manufacturers of very essential cosmos equipment. Martin & The Probes The up-town start-up company Martin & The Probes was funded by the income gained from the chart-topping hipster band with the same name. They focus on neat stuff for your everyday probe needs. RB-1 Spherical Probe Container (1.25m non-atmospheric lander) This product has been called the flag ship of M&TP, at least by their commercial department! This very handy spherical container protects your important scientific equipment, that someone is paying for you to bring to some place despite every scientific opportunity there having been exhausted already! Crash tolerant, comes with internal batteries and is like totally round - you'd be crazy not to buy it! RB-2 Reentry sphere (1.875m atmospheric lander) Land your probes in style with this heat resistant thingamabob! Made from the finest plastic composites on the planet. Well, on a planet. RB-4 Space Container (3.75m space or lander fairing) This positively large deployable fairing is a great fit whenever you need to send way too much sensitive equipment to space. Comes with an extra bottle of spray paint! Thermal Fairing (3.75m top cover for heat shield) Land in style on distant planets using the latest in cone-based technology! AID-X1 (0.625m decoupler) Ever wanted to put a non-stackable item on both the top and bottom of your probe? Fret no more - the Advanced Interstage Decoupler is here you help you! AID-X2 (1.5m decoupler) The larger version of the interstage decoupler lets you stack even bigger non-stackable things together! Astro Composites International Here at ACI we believe space is 20% science and 80% fashion! We focus on structural rigid components for your spectacular rocketry moments! Lightweight Hex Platform (2.5m inner diameter - probe lander platform) Sometimes, building probes vertically doesn't really cut it - spruce things up with this amazing probe platform, which comes with integrated holes! Hex Struct (1.25m - structural building block) No-one is really sure what this is intended for, so we usually just store our designer wellies in it. The top can be removed, but only by our senior engineers. Review Download Download from CKAN (RocketEmporium) or grab it from here. Dependencies Some parts (the robotic ones) are fully dependent on AnimatedAttachment to do anything useful. Many more will benefit greatly from it being installed. It will allow you to attach solar panels on the probe containers, for example. Known issues * No ejection force is applied by the decouplers. Change log License Published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. Credits Thanks to @Atubara for the awesome artwork in the top =) Visit https://www.reddit.com/r/kerbalculture/ for more great fan-art!
  3. I noticed an issue with the latest release related to the reversion of the animation direction, causing the Open animation to be instantaneous. Will solve soon or revert back...
  4. This mod adds a PartModule that enable generic animations to move sub parts! Thus, it is a light-weight option for modders and players to use instead of the more advanced robotics mods out there. Even works for stock parts! When a part contains components that move (due to animations, gimballing or moving control surfaces), this part module can move any connected part in response. Thus, a part modder may add a moving boom, rotators, hinges etc without learning anything more than they already know from before. Parts are moved by using physical forces in the joints. This means that they will obey the laws of physics. Limitations & known issues #3 There is a caveat for physics-less parts - while they and any other physics-less sub-parts to them will move with the animation, any physics-enabled sub-parts will not. For example, a cubic strut connected to a hinge will move with it, but a tank connected to the cubic strut will not. Basic usage AnimatedAttachment will be automatically added to all parts containing a ModuleGenericAnimation, ModuleGimbal or ModuleControlSurface. So there is no need to do anything else to your config. Players simply use the "Deploy" button or similar to run the animation and any connected sub-part will move with it. Advanced usage A player can adjust this in the VAB by enabling the stock feature "Advanced tweakables" in the settings and then right clicking the animated part, to set maximum force and spring strength. Part modders may potentially override the default settings in the part module, but this has not been tested much yet. Mods using AnimatedAttachments Rocket Emporium contains several parts that uses this part module Compatibility This mod has been tested for compatibility with * KJR * KIS/KAS License Released under CCA-NC-SA 4.0. Credit Thanks to @Rudolf Meier, @blowfish and others for answering many questions about quaternions and whatnot, and @HebaruSan for the awesome work with CKAN. Change log Download Download from CKAN or from github.
  5. v2.1.0 * Now compatible with KIS/KAS * Fine-tuning now works without having to disable the mod * Increased default spring&force
  6. I have added logic that removes the need to manually disable the mod while fine-tuning, and I'm halfway there on KAS compatibility. So things are looking good for a release soon =) The kerbal getting stuck from touching the vessel doesn't sound like an issue with this mod... I'll try to reproduce it tho.
  7. The activation value is not persistent atm, so it wouldn't have helped. I have not yet had time to test compatibility with KAS, tho it is definitely on the agenda. Hopefully i can test and resolve this soon!
  8. Hmm, that's true. I'll put the energy into finding an automatic way of dealing with it tho.
  9. I think it will create more confusion when things are not working due to not having activated it...
  10. Listen up! Jenna Kerman in Finance has unfortunately noticed the complete lack of incoming funds and the obvious overspending on huaraches. She says we need to go out there and get some nice photos of other planets to justify more investments. Our scientists will also be happy to analyze those photos! v1.8.0 - Strike a pose * Added two cameras for science * The hinge now has an optional platform * All moving parts now have deploy limits where 100 is fully open * Changed action name of all moving parts from Deploy to Toggle to better reflect their function * The landing balloon now defaults to the Gear action group This is very much a beta! Please give feedback on what you think of these parts - the functionality, balancing, models etc. Anomalies The photos taken with these cameras will most likely show some anomalies due to technical issues or maybe fairies. Hopefully, we can solve all that in the future. Science definitions If anyone wants to help with writing texts for the scientific experiment popup menu, that'd be greatly appreciated! It is a simple process of editing a text file (RocketEmporium/ScienceDefs.cfg) SOAP-1 Probe Camera Early game single photo camera available under Basic Science. SOAP-2 Panorama Camera A smaller camera optimized for weight available under Advanced Exploration. Take multiple photos to create a 360 degree panorama!
  11. Great ideas! #1: should be easy enough, will do. Right now there is only toggle. #2: yeah, that bugs me too. I will check if I need to invert the whole animation or if there is an easier way. I think some stock parts used to suffer from the same issue? Maybe that's why they removed the deploy limit option from the small service bays? #3: cool idea, I will check how they do that bug #1: hmm, interesting. 1 Do you know the version of AnimatedAttachment? 2 Are there wheels on the craft? 3 Is KJR installed? 4 Any error messages in the console? There is an option "Debug" in the right click menu, if you enable Advanced Tweakables, that will produce a bit more debug output in the console. I was not able to reproduce this in my dev KSP installation which is close to stock. Bug #2: Please disable AimatedAttachments for the animated part while fine-tuning the position and rotation. Then turn it on again afterwards! This step is annoying, I will see if I can find a way to detect if the user has selected the fine-tuning tools and handle it automatically. Cool idea! I'll see if I can add it in a later version.
  12. I was trying to create this camera, which acts as a science experiment. It requires you to take a 360-degree panorama, which can then be sent for scienz pointz. What do you think?? The part module I created for this can also be configured for a single photo, or other sizes. It also supports showing the current view on a display...
  13. Katten

    Tethers? Anyone?

    Disregarding the fact that we already have over-powered jetpacks, I don't think it would be that difficult to implement a tether... could be nice for other related things like Mars landers... (and as mentioned, KAS already have them, tho it is a straight line visually)
  14. People DON'T use CKAN? But for what reason exactly?? ...just kidding, will add it! Should be! There was no changes for 1.4.4 compatibility that I am aware of
  15. v2.0.3 * Implemented a work-around for an issue in stock wheel auto-struts
  16. Nice! Here's another work-around - disables all auto-struts on the ship while something is moving, then sets them back to their default value.
  17. Yes, could be cool if you can actually see a composite photo from multiple snaps before you send it =S
  18. Lol, no. Thanks for the report. v2.0.2 * Cleaned out some dlls that were mistakenly included in the release
  19. v2.0.1 * Improves compatibility with KJR. The above fix is no longer required and will not make any change. Some issues still remains when using wheels, when KJR is installed.
  20. Yeah! It'd be cool with one where you have to take a set of photos to create a panorama before you can transmit it
  21. Edit: no longer needed =) I've tested AA with KJR. The CKAN version seems to be incompatible with KSPv1.4.4, and is not active when installed, so it doesn't cause any issues with AA. There is a fork of KJR, that works for KSPv1.4.4, available here: https://github.com/meirumeiru/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement/releases With this version installed, AA will not work. There is however a mechanism in KJR to enable compatibility with robotics mods, made just for this kind of situations. I will ask them to add the fix. Meanwhile, you can add the fix yourself by editing the config.xml file in the Gamedata/KerbalJointReinforcment folder. Add the following line in the xml file: <string name="exemptModuleType6">AnimatedAttachment</string> Thanks to TheKurgan who figured out this solution.
  22. Happy to hear =) Here is a test from @TheKurgan with BD Armory =)
  23. v1.7.1 * Fixed the rover lander center of mass, that was previously under the part * Cleanup (removed AnimatedAttachment from configs and put it in an MM patch instead) * Added separate colliders for the moving parts of the hinge and rotator, so parts can be surface attached to them