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  1. I feel incredibly stupid for making that mistake so any salt was deserved.
  2. Wow, I can't believe I made that mistake, sorry for that
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm afraid I'm very inexperienced with c#, so unfortunately I won't be able to assist. I understand that this very complicated so I understand if it won't be updated. Good luck with the rest of your mods!
  4. I really really like this mod, I prefer this one much more over Roverdude's variant (mostly because of the unreasonably high pulse rate in that mod). Sadly because it is outdated, it causes some issues when using it. Is there any chance it will be updated to 1.7? Is there a possibility that I can do it myself? I'm sorry if this comes out of nowhere. Edit: Somehow confused Roverdude with Porkjet
  5. Hey guys, i'm not sure if it's a bug or if I am a bit stupid but I cant seem to get a reasonable thrust out of the ELF engine. I've tested multiple reactor types and I am unsure if the ELF functions like a plasma nozzle or a separate engine that needs a large amount of electricity. My thrust has gotten no higher than 20 KN instead of the 100+KN that is listed on the part. Sorry if this has a simple solution, this mod can be a bit overwhelming sometimes
  6. Great mod, love the parts, but I am experiencing some problems. Clean install ksp 1.6. The lightbulb engine isn't able to switch variants, and while selecting them you can see all the models overlapping. Also, I was wondering, is there another mod required for the liquid hydrogen fuel? Nertea's mod maybe?
  7. That looks incredible! We've been blessed by the great Nertea again!
  8. I think I found the problem! I reïnstalled all the Near Future mods and found a weird Gamedata folder located within my Gamedata folder. I've deleted it and discovered that the fusion reactors now function properly. It appears the bug was caused by a bad install. Sorry if I wasted your time with a problem that could be fixed very easily.
  9. Here's the output log in my google drive:
  10. These are images of my fusion reactor test ship. I apologize for the tiny HUD but ksp's HUD does not scale well with screen size. I know CKAN is not supported by your mods so that could be the cause of the problem. Modlist: AtmosphereAutopilot (Fly-By-Wire) B9 Part Switch Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree Cryogenic Engines Cryogenic Engines Extras: LFO Patch Cryogenic Tanks Deployable Engines Plugin Dynamic Battery Storage Ferram Aerospace Research Firespitter Core Heat Control Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes HyperEdit Interstellar Fuel Switch Interstellar Fuel Switch Core Kerbal Atomics Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Mechjeb 2 Mechjeb and Engineer for all! ModularFlightIntegrator Module Manager Near Future Construction Near Future Electrical Near Future Electrical Core Near Future Iva Props Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar Near Future Solar Core Near Future Spacecraft Part Overhauls Physics Range Extender RasterPropMonitor RasterPropMonitor Core SCANsat Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Tweakscale - Rescale Everything! VesselMover Continued And of course: Far Future Technologies. Only Far Future Tech is not from CKAN there is a possibility that CKAN might be the cause. Thanks for looking into it!
  11. Hello everyone! I seem to have a bit of trouble using the fusion reactors. They aren't able to switch their fuel and they aren't able to charge or provide power. Is this a bug or am I using them wrong? I have fusion fuel on my ship (not the pellets) and i have enough radiators and batteries to power the reactor. I'm sorry if this is already being looked into. The mod is a dream come true by the way!