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  1. Why not use a chemical/nuclear thermal engine for the lander, and use a fusion engine for the tug/main vessel?
  2. This is probably the best way of balancing I've ever seen. Can't wait to try them out!
  3. Did some testing, and found some interesting stuff with the Impulse and Hammertong Engines. When throttling down to zero at the right moment, the (super awesome) animation will "pause" in the moment of ignition. Videos on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/xpReQYw I was unable to reproduce this with the other pulsed engines, and I didn't have a chance to try this out on the new versions. Other than that, I haven't been able to discover any bugs, although I mostly fiddle around with the engines.
  4. I was able to reproduce it. Hmm, really strange. Currently running on KSP 1.10.1 Modlist as follows: SpaceDust SystemHeat FarFutureTech WaterFall B9 Part Switch Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree Cryo Tanks Cryo Tanks Core Cryogenic Engines Deployable Engines Plugin Dynamic Battery Storage Heat Control Kerbal Actuators Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued Kerbal Reusability Expansion Mark IV Spaceplane System Mechjeb 2 Module Manager Near Future Aeronautics Near Future Construction Near Future Electrical Near Fu
  5. Awesome work Nertea! This mod gets better by the day. Hmm the 'Impulse' actually requires 300.103 EC/s. New bug discovered???. EDIT: Oops, should've looked better, the He3/Deut mode does indeed only need about 200kw. The solar panels are on me, I typically pack more solar panels then needed, in case of bad angles/ larger distance from Kerbol. I thought this would be the case, time to pack some more radiators!
  6. Did some more testing, and found some more interesting things! Concerning the 'Verne' engine, I have found that the engine continues to drain the battery, even after it has been fully charged. Disabling engine charging stops the drainage. I believe more engines have this property, but I forgot to keep track of them. EDIT: The 'Casaba' engine also keeps draining when fully charged. Note that the capacitors are at maximum, while the electric charge resource experiences massive draining. Another thing I discovered with the 'Verne' engine, was that it's sound starts to sputter, and pause
  7. Maybe the NSWR needs to be near the end of a tech tree, not because of the material science, or nuclear science needed, but the political science required to convince people to let the ksc use it
  8. Tried to recreate the fdr spacecraft using near future parts. I think it turned out alright (I'm no artist), had to make the solar panels a 'bit' bigger to power the engine though.
  9. A lot of the issues have been fixed, great work Nertea! However, after some testing I sadly discovered another bug, a probably unintentional trait of the particle scoop. And possibly a visual bug. In the menu of the Fresnel engine 2 'activate engine' buttons are visible as well as the stats of both modes (Note the 2 thrust limiter sliders). But there is a more serious problem present. It appears that when using the Fresnel fusion engine in 'Reaction Products' mode, the stock heating system kicks in.Although the radiators should provide enough cooling, both the engine and the radiators ex
  10. Do you perhaps mean the 'Impulse' engine? I get incredibly large DeltaV numbers with the Hammertong.
  11. I've discovered another strange occurence with SystemHeat regarding the fusion engines with built-in reactors. With more than enough radiators, the loop temp remains stable when only the reactor is switched on. If the engine is activated, even with throttle at 0, a heat will build up out of nowhere. Turning the throttle up cools down the system, and stabilizes it at the nominal temperature.This image shows the Ouroboros engine with the reactor turned on, and the engine turned off. The loop temp is stable.Here the reactor and engine are turned on, with the throttle at max. The loop temp is stab
  12. Possible bug with SystemHeat: It appears that the system flux and nominal temperature are set to 0 when the engine the loop is connected to has it's throttle set to 0. This results in the system not cooling off if above nominal temperature when the engine is shut off. This could cause an overheated engine to be locked from activating because it will not cool off. EDIT: This does not seem to happen when using a fusion engine with reactor built-in Link for log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-GYMZwYaaS5ZEQ0TldEUVk3dXc/view?usp=sharing Image shows a vessel unable to activate it's engine du
  13. The attention to detail is unreal! Not only are the models and textures extraordinarily beautiful, but you animated so many details! Just a minute ago, while I was staring into the nozzle of the Magneto Inertial Confinement engine, I noticed that you've modelled the liner implosion??? It's only visible for 2 or so frames, but it's such an amazing detail, I can't complement you enough.
  14. That looks like the ICAN-II engine! Does that mean antimatter will be included in the mod again?
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