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  1. I've noticed not all of the parts show using KSP 1.2 with the latest module manager. The parts missing are some of the tanks, only shielded tank and regular procedural tank show up. Is there a fix for this, or maybe it's only happening to me. Thank you!
  2. Hello! Today I encountered a weird issue when using RSS Textures, RSSVE and Real Solar System along with Procedural parts. This is all using KSP 1.2 So I downloaded a newer version of Remote Tech which came with ModuleManager.2.8.1. The game loaded fine, then I noticed there were more procedural parts than I usually notice, RCS tanks and other parts. These I had never seen, so I am assuming the new modulemanager triggered all of the parts to work. The only problem now is that even when using older versions of modulemanager with the 2.8, RSS texture do not load, and I'm stuck with the default Kerbin textures. Has anyone else experienced this at all? am I missing something super obvious? Thank you!
  3. Only one of the interface icon is showing content for me, the other shows the Orbital Decay Manager window but nothing inside of it. Does this mean the mod is working but there are interface bugs, or it isn't working at all? The icons aren't showing up at all either. Update: So I just found out you have to put the whitecatindustries inside of the Gamedata without pulling the contents out. That is working with 1.2! I'd like to thank @ZAJC3W and @Whitecat106 for their work on this, thank you!
  4. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    @DrLicor I'd like to thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Today I've managed to put together most of what I need to replicated the Vanguard project. Also thank you to everyone else who took time to help out and weigh in. Thanks! Sxldierman
  5. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    Very much appreciated! I'll check each one when I get back from D.C. Thank you!
  6. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    Thank you for the response! Would you be able to put a list of the exact RO mods you have? I'd like to install them manually. CKAN has never worked for me. It would be greatly appreciated. I thought the mods I had were pretty much everything RO is, guess I was partly wrong as you said. Again, thanks!
  7. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    Not a rant at all, more of a mini history lesson, which I love! I'll start from scratch once I get back home, the fuel mod may not be needed at all. My true goal is to send the module itself into orbit using exactly the same dimensions. Hopefully i can accomplish that using procedural fuel tanks, parts, etc... i am spending some time in Washington D.C and just visited the air and space museum. Needless to say, I am inspired.
  8. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    Thanks for the link, is not clear to me if wrong fuel mixtures was the cause for that particular failure. I haven't read up on it. One of the reasons I want to re-create this project is out of respect for the efforts made irl. It still amazes me what they accomplished back then.
  9. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    I was under the impression Realism Overhaul wasn't a mod by itself but a compilation of other mods, a lot of which I have installed. Correct me if I'm wrong please. I am not at home now, but I will check and consider any and all advice when I get back to my PC. thank you for the input!
  10. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    Hello OhioBob! Thank you kindly for the reply. I agree that for now I'll have to make believe the right fuel works. And honestly It really much of an obstacle. The reason I am seeking help on how to get the different fuels to work is because RealFuel mod is there and I believe it is supposed to work with SolverEngines (haven't figured out exactly what those are). It was naive of me to assumed the engine mod and fuel mod would compliment each other right out of the box. Thank you again!
  11. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    Thank you for the advice. I understand what the use of this sub forum is for now. My main problem is that the Engine is NOT using Kerosene even tho it is in the tank and officially requires or is able to use Kerosene. I'll try to post this in the right sub forum.
  12. NASA Vanguard 1 in KSP

    Thank you for the welcome! The modules include procedural fuel tanks, so that I can make them according to the dimensions used in the real rocket. I am using the only Vanguard 1 model available for KSP. As far as de-couple, I used procedural de-couplers as well. For the fairing I used Procedural Fairings, I think that is part of the vanilla game (?) not really sure. The engines used in stage 1 and 2 are mod versions of the real engines. Stage 3's engine is a procedural rocket with included fuel that burns for 30s. I haven't been able to find more info on what other things where attached to the first stage engine, guidance mechanism or systems, parachutes, heat shields. I have managed to get extremely close to the real life weight and height however. Thank you again and I hope this is some of the information that can help! Sxldierman
  13. Hello! I have been playing KSP for a little while and thought it would be fun to recreate some of the missions done by NASA. Here is a link to the mods I have currently installed Link to info on the project provided by NASA Link to a diagram of the rocket My main issue has been fuel. The Engine used in the actual rocket requires Kerosene and Liquid Oxygen. But there is always a flame out and I'm forced to use default fuels to get the engine to work. Other issues are fairings (mostly an aesthetic issue) and what guidance system to use. Any help making this happen will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!