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  1. Bobthebird

    Game is not playable!

    Yea, I get all of that, I'm just saying that because of how bad the console ports are, Squad should have a way to apply for either a partial refund or for the PC version of the game. Just leaving us with a terribly buggy and unplayable game without making up for it makes it seem like they really don't care about the console players. But, since they won't do anything to help someone like me, I decided to buy the game for PC while it's on sale, so I'm leaving this forum for good.
  2. Bobthebird

    Game is not playable!

    That's not what I'm asking for, Squad earns the money I pay for either platform. If they wanted to, they could give the game away to anybody they wanted, on any platform, to any account. Steam and Xbox don't need to be part of it at all.
  3. Bobthebird

    Game is not playable!

    Honestly I just want a refund for this terribly put together "port" of ksp. Don't be scared Squad, I'd buy it on PC.
  4. Bobthebird

    Game is not playable!

    So, I was having issues with the Xbox one version of ksp and I started a thread about the problem. There have been no solutions to the problem though (I'm not going into detail about the problem, see my other post), so I have been literally unable to progress in the game. I just want to know if it is possible to get the game on PC instead without buying it (full price at least) so I can actually PLAY THE GAME I PAYED FOR. Thank you.
  5. Bobthebird

    Game is not playable!

    Yeah, I'll find a way to manage it.
  6. Bobthebird

    Game is not playable!

    Yes, I have been having this problem for weeks now. It fixes the problem when I reload the game, but then I lose any progress from the last save.
  7. Bobthebird

    Game is not playable!

    I've tried this and it doesn't seem to make much if a difference, except I've found that if i don't do any time warping it seems to help a bit.
  8. So, in ksp on xbox one I have had a lot of fun even with the many troubles of the game on console. But, I almost always seem to have trouble with it. Many times I find myself 20 minutes into a mission when I try to quicksave, but can't. I then try to go to the space center, but this is also impossible, it shows that I click the buttons, but doesn't do anything. I then have to revert to my mates save and restart the mission. I have found this even more annoying recently because I am on my first mission to duna in my current career mode, I have a quicksave about 5 days before the encounter and can revert to it every time this happens, but I have gotten a duna encounter about 20 times now, and every time it goes into this state where I will lose all progress on anything I do. I would really like some help on this, because I can't progress in the game at all now.