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    Reattachable rover

    I disabled all the mods (moving them to another folder) and the bug doesn't disappear. I though it was caused by the plane as when I dock and undock in other places there aren't any problems. However, everytime I dock in a Mk3 cargo bay (no matter if it's in another craft) is almost impossible to undock it... it rarely works well I'll uninstall and install KSP again...
  2. Qwerttyy

    Reattachable rover

    Thank you for replying!! I tried all these things but the rover still starts flying and breaking.
  3. Qwerttyy

    Reattachable rover

    I've recorded the 'bug': When I dock I have no problems: However, when I try to undock, the rover starts to do weird things. It breaks into two or more parts and then it starts flying
  4. Qwerttyy

    Reattachable rover

    Thank you for replying! I'll upload a picture as soon as I can
  5. Hi! I hope someone can help me with one issue that I'm unable to solve even after trying almost everything. I'm trying to make a rover that is able to dock into a plane and undock. I've done a cargo plane (Mk3) with a docking port inside and a rover with another docking port in the front to attach them. However, despite sometimes it works perfectly and I can dock and undock without any problems, other times when I try to undock the rover it starts to pierce the plane or fly with its own orbit until it disappears and I can't control it. Do someone know what I'm doing wrong?? Thanks