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  1. There is also a premade only science config avaiable here and on CKAN.
  2. What does this mod actually do? Is it a rebalance of the career features? Because I don't wan't that. I just wanted new strategies, but Strategia has this as dependency.
  3. It even models the radiation belts, and the values for them are pretty close to the real world ones that I've found. But I agree that as a game it doesn't have to be perfectly modeled after reality (and sometimes thats for the better). I just had too look the values up to find out which values are wrong. I think you did a really great job, which is why I'm even bothering to critizize it in the first place.
  4. Hey, I have noticed some inconsistencies with radiation rates. I'm planning my mission to the mun and in the VAB it is telling me that the radiation on the surface of mun would be 7 rad/h. In the tracking station it says the radiation on the surface of mun would be only 0.025 rad/h. If I remember right you using a career limit of 200 rad for kerbals right? So even at 7 rad/h I should have 28h or 5 kerbin days, however the estimate in the VAB says I only have 1 day. (I'm assuming these time estimates are meaning time to reach career limit, or am I interpreting these time values wrong?)
  5. They removed the humidity mechanic in the dev build. It's in the changelog.
  6. Hello @jrbudda, Thanks for developing and maintaining this mod. I have a small request: Would it be possible to add readouts for accumulated delta V losses due to drag and gravity? Gravity losses can be calculated by summing up dV=g-v^2/r dt every timestep. Drag losses by summing up dV=F_drag/m*dt. It would be really useful for optimizing my ascent for efficiency.
  7. In an earth like atmosphere it is 21 kPa, because the nitrogen somehow helps. Without the nitrogen you need 32 kPa oxygen to get the same amount of oxygen into your body as on earth. Thats why the spacesuits have 32 kPa oxygen apparently. I'm no expert, just repeating what I read in the source from wikipedia. It's not a typo on wikipedia, you can calculate the 32 kPa using the Alveolar gas equation. But yes 21 kPa is not the alveolar partial pressure of oxygen, that would be even lower. I formulated that wrong, sorry.
  8. You're right thats not the actual atmosphere in the capsule. But I believe the calculation on wiki is correct. So if I'm understanding that correctly, you need 32 kPa oxygen atmosphere to get 21 kPa alveolar partial pressure of oxygen, which is calculated by adding these values for CO2 and water vapor, because of some human biology stuff ...
  9. Yes, the atmosphere in the mercury capsule was the same they still use today in the spacesuits themselves. It is 20.7 kPa partial pressure of oxygen + 5.3 kPa CO2 + 6.3 kPa water vapor pressure for a total of 0.32 bar, without any nitrogen. The lower pressure makes it easier to move in the spacesuit. According to this source you can live in such an atmosphere indefinitely.
  10. It doesn't have to be a better pod, the KV-1 "Onion" pod has a pressurized habitat and is avaiable from the start. About the radiation, I haven't seen any other way to check that. You have to put them on flight.
  11. Thats good to know, but I have the same bug for all other field research contracts, for example this one. https://imgur.com/IuKxfAC The condition "Must have valid experiment to perform" is always unmet. Without Kerbalism it works. I'm using KSP 1.8 with the latest Kerbalism dev build-
  12. Hello, Is there a way to make contract packs work with kerbalism? I'm using the field research contract pack and the issue is that the condition "Must have valid experiments to run at KSC" is never fulfilled, so I can't accept the contract.
  13. Hey, I'm using this mod with KSP 1.7.3 and I noticed that some features are missing or not working. For example many settings like "Account for thrust vector" don't show up. The TWR gauge seems to be blurry.
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