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  1. A while ago I did this with a stock plane. I have now designed spaceplanes of my own. I went to orbit and back with the Fang V4, and to the Mun and Minmus and back with the Aegis V6. Edit: After rereading the awards, I suppose I should mention a Duna landing and return with the Farscape V2. I also docked an Aegis V6 with a Drone V3 over Kerbin. I can't land on runways worth crap so I always land on terrain lol
  2. Okay, so I'm not great at computer stuff; I read through the thread and I understand there is a way to make this mod playable on 1.3. I'd really love to try it out because it looks very cool and very innovative; I was wondering if someone could just give me a quick outline on how to make it work. Thanks, keep up the great work
  3. @boolybooly awesome! thanks Edit: I just realized it was actually the Dove. Does that affect anything?
  4. I took the stock Osprey up to orbit at about 80km and brought it back, but landed on the hilly area on the other side of the mountains from the KSC. I didn't design it, but I still managed to fly it. Does that count?
  5. I read through the issues post above, and it seems like there's lot to work out in this mod. I also get that people have real lives Even so, is there an estimate on when it will be updated for 1.3? I came late to the party and would love to try it out but have no idea how to revert back to 1.2, and have quite a few mods installed on 1.3. Thanks
  6. I finally managed to land a spaceplane