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  1. Thanks, I skimmed like excrements I guess, lol.
  2. Is this compatible with FAR? (I'm also getting KerBalloons again, I miss that mod deeply and just learned it's been revived through this mod.)
  3. God, I'd love to have OPM. But I don't know why we can't have OPM with GU, what is wrong with being able to get all of the science in the KSPI tech tree just by getting all the science from the Superomega Kerbol System because of GU and OPM?
  4. Is it healthy for a good 80% of my jets to only use liquid hydrogen? (Even jets which don't actually use Liquid Hydrogen are using Liquid Hydrogen.) Also, is it normal for all of my propellers and rotors (and tail rotors) to not be using any fuel at all? (I'm not using RealFuels.)
  5. If you want what alot of people on the GU Discord use, use KSPI. You have Beefy thrusters actually intended for interstellar travel.
  6. Well, It's time for me to accept that I need to go from 1.8.1 to the new age of 1.10
  7. Idk if this is the right place, but when i turn on my Autopilot (on cruise flight,) it just starts to pitch up. It used to just pitch down before, so what in the hell is happening? I don't have any part of kramax autopilot turned on, or TCA in that matter (even though TCA is an autopilot for VTOLs.) The Autopilot started working again... What the fudge.
  8. I've always wondered to myself when i look at mods which add different solar systems, how do you actually rocket yourself to another solar system?
  9. ... ok I gotta look for the umbra space industries files and fix it up thanks and I'm sorry for my rudeness I just really wanted to play the game I'm a huge ass fan and I just love the game and so I just mod it up to add even more stuff also I may install dropbox and I will try not to be rude if I crash again or have a Problem
  10. Moderator go here since you don't give a flip about this Question on This question so there have another question so you don't get confused I just want to do some flipping ksp Right now
  11. I made the font bigger (20) in spoiler tag I don't know how to make a picture or something
  12. don't judge me that I use comic sans I like IT so I had some crash reports lately I had my ksp working because I fix the problems because I'm that smart but I for some reason cant seem to fix this problem cause I'm confused so here it is
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