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  1. bobby72006

    Crash Report

    ... ok I gotta look for the umbra space industries files and fix it up thanks and I'm sorry for my rudeness I just really wanted to play the game I'm a huge ass fan and I just love the game and so I just mod it up to add even more stuff also I may install dropbox and I will try not to be rude if I crash again or have a Problem
  2. bobby72006

    Crash Report

    Moderator go here since you don't give a flip about this Question on This question so there have another question so you don't get confused I just want to do some flipping ksp Right now
  3. bobby72006

    Crash Report

    I made the font bigger (20) in spoiler tag I don't know how to make a picture or something
  4. don't judge me that I use comic sans I like IT so I had some crash reports lately I had my ksp working because I fix the problems because I'm that smart but I for some reason cant seem to fix this problem cause I'm confused so here it is