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  1. I have a question concerning the WIP 1.6.1 installation guide: What do the symbols next to the lists in the guide stand for? I see stars, thumbs up, i symbols and warning symbols. What do those represent? Second question concerns the backports: Are those supposed to get some download links for the modified versions of those mods? Are the links given in the golden spreadsheet applicaple for usage here? If I can figure out the correct installation, I look forward to a new RP-1 game to play. Thanks a lot guys for such a great tool to play and nerd.
  2. Okay, I'll try and figure it out then
  3. Was something changed to the Version of RO that Ckan tries to install? I am running KSP 1.3.1, but Ckan shows RO as only being compatible with KSP 1.4.5 Just yesterday I still saw it in the list of available and compatible mods, but no more. Only when including the incompatible mods in the list it is shown, but not installable.
  4. Is there any RP-0 usable mod for non-round tanks in changeable sizes? I find it quite hard to build nice looking satellites with the round tanks if the comsat payload requirements get quite high. Same is true for some space probes or lander stages. Do you guys know something that works with real-fuels?
  5. Hey guys, not sure where is the right place to ask, but are there some mods that work reasonably well with 1.3.1 RP-1 for lategame ISRU? Especially stuff like a Sabatier reactor for methane, or stuff to mine ice and electrolyse it into Oxygen and Hydrogen. Would be great to know, as I am now slightly past apollo era and would find it nice to create a scenario where people listened to Robert Zubrin and made Mars-Direct a reality.
  6. Changing the download region didn't help either. I did receive a 1.3.1 install folder from a friend, and that works as long as I'm not launching the game via steam. Is a bit annoying, but for now it works. I also experienced some other weird stem behavior: After installing the game, it has downloaded said 2161 files as it should, but when I try to launch the game it pulls an update where the download is stuck at 0% for a minute, before it starts the game in its corrupted state. However, after uninstalling the game from steam, then deleting the rest of the install folder, then putting the correct folder I got from my friend, and then installing it again in steam, it recognizes that the game is installed, doesn't download any new files and works.
  7. By now I also tried reinstalling steam, and uninstalling the Windows updates from the last days, but am still getting the same results. It appears to be a problem on the side of steam, as when I check which processes are accessing the folder when I try tro validate the files and download them again, steam.exe is the only process showing. However, it does also show lots of files that steam.exe tried to create, but throws an error message "name not found" those are mostly for parts and other things in the GameData/squad folder, but also some scripts in the basedir. I mainly seems to not like .cfg files. If it helps, I uploaded a logfile from the Windows process monitor. it can be opened with the process monitor that was linked by 4x4cheesecake:
  8. I checked the install folder. The localization folder is completely empty, buildID.txt and buildID64.txt are however there. On verifying the local game files through steam, it comes up with 400 files that need to be reacquired. Also the problem seams to be version unrelated. At least the newest version is getting the same problem.
  9. I did reboot the system, the defender process is no longer shown, only steam.exe on validating local files and ksp.exe om starting the game.
  10. Adding /steamapps/common/ as folder, as well as steam.exe as process to the Windows Defender exceptions list, but it did not work.
  11. Apparently it's a newer version of Windows defender, that came with an update my computer installed last night. I'll try to find which part of it I got to temporarily disable.
  12. There are four things listed that affected the folder, steam.exe, after redownloading the files, explorer.exe from time to time, ksp_x64.exe after I tried to start the game, and scattered between all that is MSMpEng.exe which seems to be a part of windows defender, which I thought I deactivated earlier for testing, but apparently not the right parts.
  13. Well, add a new case to that list I am not using any twitch/curse launcher, just a normal steam installation. deactivating my antivirus program didn't help, I even tried the windows defender, but no result.
  14. After running a modded KSP install for a while, I decided to reinstall everything. I completely deleted the installation folder and also uninstalled it from steam to do a clean fresh install to start modding again. However, I can't even get the base game running anymore. I'm trying to run v1.3.1, but other versions don't work either. What I am getting is, that in the loading screen, I don't get the loading screen hints, but instead a #autoLOC with some number behind it. The game is then stuck in loading screen and doesn't get to the menu. Revalidating the files through steam just lead to 400 files being redownloaded, but the same issue persists. output_log: I don't really have any experience in reading those, so any help would be appreciated.
  15. Yes, I have installed only the core part. My assumption that it's with these two mods, is derived from my setup starting to crash as soon as I run both together. I have installed RO, the dependencies and all recommended mods except TF and semi-saturateable reaction wheels. When I add TestFlight, it crashes. When I add Testflight but remove the RealismOverhaul folder (but leave everything else), it doesn't and Testflight seems to be working as designed.
  16. I'm getting a crash on loading screen, while trying to Install RO and the recommended mods. I went mod by mod, and the problem seems to arise when I try to load RO and TestFlight together. The setting works fine with only one of them, but not both. Using TestFlightCore-v1.8.0.1 and RealismOverhaul-v12.1.0 as linked in the OP. I also tried the respective master versions that are linked in the RP-0 1.3.1 spreadsheet. I uploaded a crash folder under that link:
  17. Yeah, by now I figured out that this approach might have been a bit naive. I'm probably too spoiled by other games that are easier to mod ;-) After redoing it from scratch and following the advice you mentioned, I started off by installing first the dependencies and recommended mods of RO, followed by RO itself. That's the point where I get stuck, apparently there is something wrong with RealismOverhaul v12.1.0 and TestFlightCore v1.8.0.1, which are the files linked on the RO main thread. I also tried it with the master versions as they are linked in the golden spreadsheet, and also any combination of those four folders, but nothing worked. here's a link to one of the crash folders, this one is from using both the master versions from Github. Any help would be appreciated, as this is the only thing I'm stuck with, everything else is installed properly and seems to work.
  18. Damn, I want to get KSP working again after that SpaceX conference... Thing is, the RP-1 installing process seems to be quite difficult for me. Basically I'm having three issues here. 1: As mentioned before, something doesn't seem to work between RO and TestFlight, making the game crash on the loading screen. 2: Something is not working with RSSVE/EVE/Scattere, as even after several attempts at reinstalling and rechecking the versions as mentioned in the 1.3.1 RP-1 Spreadsheet, my days still have a very dark blue sky and weird lighting effects, while nights are pitch-black. Also when seen from space, earth is sometimes flickering. Is there any currently valid installation instruction for those mods? 3: Minor issue, but pretty annoying on upper stages: All my RCS Thrusters have the same size, despite having different power levels. I remember them being available in three different strengths that would also be different in optical size. Anyone got an idea what's causing this?
  19. I don't have DBS running. Principia wasn't the problem either. After lots of fiddling around trying to enable mods one by one, I found that my problem seems to be the combination of Realism Overhaul and Test Flight. When removing either one of these from the GameData folder it works, but not with both. How does RO / RP-0 handle the TestFlight configs? The release version of TF only offers a stock config, so I assume the config files are somewhere in RO and those are causing me problems.
  20. Okay, indeed FASA was not the problem as it still crashes without it. On a quick search I didn't find any duplicate dll mods. here's a link to an output_log.txt. If you would kindly have a look into it, that'd be great, as I still find the process of modding KSP quite confusing and cumbersome compared to other games, so any help is appreciated.
  21. After attempting a reinstall of RP-0 the game crashes in the loading screen on some FASA Parts. I closely followed the golden spreadsheet, with some mods CKANed, some installed manually. For FASA I tried both options, but to no avail. The first part it crashes in is the Apollo_SM_Dish. I tried deleting the files for that, but it then just continues to crash on another FASA part. Is there any requirement mod that FASA specifically need that I may overlooked? On the github download page from the spreadsheet, it needs "module manager, raster prop monitor and reflection plugin" which I do all have installed, even though I am confused a bit by Module Manager as there are different versions in my GameData folder, as some mods bring their own ones to the table. Any Ideas by one of you guys? Still, this set of mods is an amazing job by all guys involved. I was even able to use some of the RP-0 stuff to get along my university course about the history of rocket building during the space race. Thank you so much.
  22. This is all for a 1.4 release? Sounds really good guys, you're doing an amazing job here
  23. That looks better. That splashdown picture is quite beautiful. What's your lowest Altitude for Mach 1 and what is your max altitude for level flight?
  24. Try making your wings shorter to reduce drag. Also if your intake is ion the bottom in front of the cockpit, that can smoothen out the area curve a bit more. I fiddled around with a simple jet yesterday, powered by a single Derwent V engine, with only starting tech parts, capable of mach 1 in level flight anywhere between 4500m and 11.000m below, atmosphere is to thick for the engine to counter the drag, and higher I don't have enough lift, as the engine looses performance at high altitudes. Will upload some pics later.