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  1. Thank you Lordcirth ! That's good news for me, I will reactivate the parts and make a copy of the files just in case ! @Nertea for what it's worth, I really do like the aesthetics of those tanks ! makes for sleeks designs If you ever decide to remove them from you mods, please consider including them in a Legacy, un-maintained mod ?
  2. Hello everyone Sorry if the question already has been asked and/or answered, I went around 20 pages back from this one and didn't find an answer, so here goes : I've been away from KSP for around two months and recently got back to it. I've been using NF mods for this KSP save I stated last year and I really enjoy those parts, especially all the Monoprop tanks : most of my upper stages are mono thanks to those. My problem is that those tanks are no longer showing in the VAB/SPH while still present/working in already saved/launched vessels. I have the Janitor's Close
  3. Hello everyone, First of all, great mod, I love it I find it a very interesting and balanced intermediate step between Mk2 and 3 I have a minor issue with the engine plate though, as one of the attachement points is offset (the lower starboard point is off by a tiny bit, but it bugs me ^^) I've been messing around with the Mk2.5Engineplate.cfg file, but none of the values I've changed had an impact on the position of the hardpoints. Does someone know why the changes made in the file don't affect the part in game ? Does anyone already has a fix for this ? Thank you !
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