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  1. sam_milne

    [ETS] Freedom Program

    how do i download this
  2. my space shuttle cockpit and cargo bay are not showing up as the right texture and instead they r black does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. sam_milne

    [1.2] Proton-M / Breeze-M

  4. sam_milne

    [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.1.0 [29 Apr 2018]

    will this work in 1.3?
  5. sam_milne

    [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    how do you make fasa to be able to be viable rss use
  6. sam_milne

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    i have done this but the planets are still the same name a haven't changed
  7. sam_milne

    [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    i am having trouble using rss in 1.3 and am confused on how to make it work in 1.3
  8. what will the shuttle docking port dock to
  9. do u know how to download the Saturn v mod ?
  10. ive tried it but the landing gear don't work
  11. when will this(will it ) be updated to 1.3?