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  1. does anybody know where I could download RO configs for ksp version 1.22 for the space x launch vehicles mod by Kartoffelkuchen
  2. I have ksp 1.22 RO but ,I just assumed that the config was for 1.22 which was said to be for 1.22 on the page 1 link
  3. the game loads fine and the parts are there but when I click on the part its described as a non RO part
  4. im am having trouble with getting the RO configs to work, I have done what it tells you do(place the config in the patches folder of the mod) but it still isn't working
  5. my space shuttle cockpit and cargo bay are not showing up as the right texture and instead they r black does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. how do you make fasa to be able to be viable rss use
  7. i have done this but the planets are still the same name a haven't changed
  8. i am having trouble using rss in 1.3 and am confused on how to make it work in 1.3
  9. what will the space shuttle ODS dock with

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