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  1. Ah. I feel like an idiot. I thought it was an issue with me playing with the betas - I had previous problems which required a re-install on KSP. I thought that would be the same problem but it turned out I took some of the dependencies which were included in the Tundra Exploration download and I forgot to remove them from their .zip folder so essentially they weren't installed. After fixing that, it worked. I feel like an idiot
  2. I am the only one who has problems with the decouplers? The booster decouplers for the Ghirodah Heavy don't work and the shrouds for the Booster Guidance Unit decouplers are stuck on and the shroud clips through pods such as the Gigan or the Rodan.
  3. F3RGHNZ

    Old Versions of KSP (Revived and Refound)

    Look at the post before yours. There is a link - https://www.gamewatcher.com/downloads/kerbal-space-program-download/kerbal-space-program-demo-0-18-2
  4. Can you please add a probe core into the fairing or something?
  5. Sorry for lengthy reply times. You have to get everything except rotation correct. So you're perfectly lined up with it. Again Matt Lowne explained it well-ish in his Air Launched Spaceplane Video. Sorry for a long reply time. I'll give that a try. Thanks!
  6. Not sure. When I try to dock two ships together, it has to be absurdly accurate otherwise the ships would get thrown away from each other. Matt Lowne on YouTube in his air launched space plane video explained it.
  7. Hi! I'm running AVP with all the dependencies and with all the planets I get 15-20 fps which is good. With Duna, I get approximately 1-2 fps. It's not my craft that's the issue as when I was doing a Duna mission, I hacked it to laythe. There I got good FPS. If anyone knows a way to resolve this that would be great!
  8. I updated my windows 10 very recently. Now game DVR doesn't work for my KSP. If anyone knows a way to solve it that would be amazing. Thanks!
  9. I downloaded it and it seemed to work for me.
  10. What did he add in 1.3? Just curious.
  11. When do you believe it will be ready for 1.4.3??
  12. I've sorted it so no need for any responses. I changed my power settings to maximum performance.
  13. Hi. I'm running mods through CKAN and I have the Making History Expansion installed. When I try to launch a rocket or plane, I get the KSP_x64.exe has stopped working and I can't close it so I manually restart my computer. Sometimes I get the blue screen saying Video_TDR failure. It usually crashes every launch or sometimes after one two launches. I'm not running any visual mods but I'm not sure if it makes any difference. If anyone has had this issue and knows a way to resolve it please reply to notify me. I would greatly appreciate it.