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  1. The Chinese translation of "Kerbal" is "坎巴拉" which is pronounced like "Kan bah lah"... I guess OP used Google Translate
  2. Here's my entry First mission The dawn of the space age Another happy landing First steps on Minmus Launch with PASSION Far away from home Kerbin Using my forum name is good. Thank you
  3. Greetings, and thank you for providing such a great visual pack! It's not really a GPU demanding pack compared to others, but also beautiful, it really took my gameplay to a new level. However I soon found out that the sun becomes a burning potato without scatterer installed: After messing around with the files I found these lines in Kopernicus_terrain.cfg: Light { sunLensFlareColor = 0, 0, 0, 0 sunAU = 2500000000 } I figured that these lines are used to disable the stock flares so the scatterer flare can stand out. But I really don't have a PC can run that, so I replaced these lines with the lines in SVE: Light { //sunLensFlareColor = 255, 255, 255, 40 //sunAU = 2500000000 sunlightIntensity = 0.75 scaledSunlightIntensity = 0.65 IVASunIntensity = 0.75 } Then the stock sun flare is back! Probably useful for those who doesn't have a computer to run Scatterer.
  4. Well, Kerbin got no axial tilt, so wherever you are the daylight always only last 3 hours.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to make my first mod, which includes various new science experiments for water. I wonder if I can add a new situation, like "diving deep" or "diving shallow" just like "flying high" or "in space low" in stock KSP?
  6. Hello, I think I found a way to avoid the 'cannot convert string to tuple' error. open ,change line 176,177 to: (probably not the best way if line.split()[0] == "modSize": #(line below this one) "modSize = (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)" -> (0.0, 0.0, 0.0), y<>z try: self.modSize = tuple([float(" ".join(line.split()[2:]).split(", ")[0][1:]), float(" ".join(line.split()[2:]).split(", ")[2][0:-1]), float(" ".join(line.split()[2:]).split(", ")[1])]) except: a = list(line.split()[2].replace(',','')) a[1],a[2] = a[2],a[1] self.modSize = tuple(a) then the error won't occur.
  7. As title, I've already put a station/ship in LKO, when it flies to the right spot, I launch another ship to it. While I was doing a rendezvous, the ship just suddenly set itself into suborbital flight for no reason, and after a short while it crash into terrain. So I have to use cheat to set it back to orbit to prevent it from crashing, then do the whole thing again. This makes me really frustrated . Can someone help me? Also, I can't use map view often, because that makes the game crash, so I don't really know when does it happens...
  8. Yes, I did everything that has said on the wiki page, including installing mono. But when I type in the code, it works fine at the auto update confirmation, but when I click a button it just crashed.
  9. For Mac users, I found out that using Wine to run ckan.exe also works...but it crashes when you click "check for update". (same as clicking "no") Using mono also crashes.
  10. I don't really know what has happened to this... It just appear in my screenshots folder one day.
  11. I accidentally forgot to backup when I was messing with my textures. Do anyone here has in Squad\Parts\Aero\Wings folder? Now all my airplane wings are black. Please help me. Also, it will be better if you can upload all the stuff in Parts folder.
  12. Do you have a pic or save or something? really want to see it..
  13. Here's mine: I got to minmus and mun in one shot, and back to home successfully. (Im a noob so...yeah) then, I accidentally pressed F9 when I put my mug beside my keyboard. Now everything is gone.
  14. After tons of researching, Kerbal scientists finally invented some powerful nuclear bombs, but somehow they came up with an idea that is using them to go to space. Basically this challenge is just blasting yourself to the air. I accidentally got 2500m/s while playing with these bombs. So here is the rules: Challenge--> Go to space with a nuclear blast RULES 1. No cheating of course. Please submit at least an pic to imgur with descriptions below, or you can record an video if possible. 2. BDA is needed to complete the challenge. All the add-ons is allowed. (North Kerbin Weaponries etc.) 3. You must carry a bomb on your ship. You can do anything else to improve it. 4. Get to space (above 70000). You can have engines on the ship, but you need to detonate a bomb and ride on the shockwave first. 5. Carry at least 1 Kerbal. Send them back to home happy and alive. ADVANCE CHALLENGES 10 mach (3400m/s) - (blank) Get to orbit - (blank) Get to mun - (blank) Get to other planets - (blank) LEADERBOARD Highest speed - (blank) Highest attitude - (blank) Highest G force - (blank) Sorry for bad English. Not native.