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  1. That thingy worked. Jævlig bra!! Brakes has little effect , any more settings tweaks ?
  2. Finally landed on eve , but my wheels keeps breaking all the time. Got a engineer with but , still wont work. It worked fine on kerbin. Fully fueled 20T
  3. You were correct. Steam fault. Today i got a selection on all versions.
  4. Cant get the game started. Looks like it was 1.5.1 version that was used on my latest save. I tried to opt back to 1.5.1 but cant find it in betas on steam. Got only 3 mods , mechjeb 2 , x science , kerbal alarm clock.
  5. Hi again. Landed on all bodies as seen in photo. Now ive tried to crash into bop , set a crash course and left it alone. Still the mission cant be completed. At this photo i tried to get into orbit but i was lacking 400dV.
  6. What is their name , have not seen those. Btw grabbed it. But getting to orbit was a pain , used 1200dV on reaching orbit. Have a fuel ship inbound to the rescue mission ;-)
  7. yes , if it aint hard its no joy :-) I can trim the ship vertically then adjust it sideways using rcs and manually throttle it. Where is your engines ?
  8. Yeah , i kind of see the issues. Engines must be lifted abit and further out. I will try a few more rounds before i revert back to an old save. Mission criterias : Rescue Mae Kerman , who is stranded on the surface of the mun with valuable data . Return her and whats left of her vessel to kerbin. Mass 3.5 ton
  9. So im struggling big-time. I cant get a grip on the shuttle cockpit. Ive tried 100 times now , even stopped the engines just before contact Ideas ? Dont comment on the ship , its fantastic :-)
  10. Can i see your ship? 3000-3500dV with isru ??
  11. Given my love to my kerbals i dont think they would be happy in a chair :-) But that is might the next step if this does not work properly
  12. Tried a nuke engine from a high altitude , but the twr is awful. Might be better with more engines as you say. The trick is to get the suicide burn correct on landing. Wasting to much time landing burns all dV Dont have those cool looking poodle engines. Guess my setup is a go for next jool window
  13. Reuse yes and no stages ofc. Dropped all batteries/rtg and monopropellant to achive this. Just land , do science then return to spacestation with some fresh tylo gravel. Tylo station will have a grabber for helping to reach other incliation biomes.
  14. Will this work? I made a decend and returned to orbit in the cheat orbit insertion. https://imgur.com/BVtF3cw
  15. They are without mk1 lander can and science jr. Thus impressive designs.
  16. Im struggling to build a Tylo lander that can get up aswell and redock to space station above tylo. Need lander can sience jr and the otherthings Any good designs out there.
  17. Ill find the cpu first then i grab a new motherboard and ram
  18. Im looking at these 2 right now. Please advice I3-7320 @4.1 I5-9600k @3.7
  19. So i know this game is cpu heavy , what cpu is recommended then. Recommendations on a high cost and mediocre cpu Running a Asus P8P67 i5-2500k and 16gb , and its not flowing well at all , with 100 spacecrafts/probes
  20. Kinda worked with the double heatshield. Looks awful , but i survive reentry. Just gotta make the shutes work properly now. That big service bay back to kerbin requires alot bigger ship.
  21. Thats like cheating ;-) I would like a rocket that will work and stay stabile during aerobrake. It does not "flip" but it angles so much that the Science Jr blows up.
  22. Building a 8000dV lander and return to orbit ship. (Tug will be used for rest) Trying to slow down with heat shields , but still with rcs and wings it flips and explode. This is the ship that will enter eves atmosphere. Any tip ? https://imgur.com/a/r5FC7oR
  23. Will try to get a spacestation on each planet before i move to the ground. How many RTG is needed ?
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