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  1. I have everything in this repo: Just to be sure I didn't accidentally choose a different .net version, I made a new project in visual studio, selected .net 3.5 as my target version, and pasted in the same HelloWorld code - same error popped up.
  2. Hi all, I've just started modding and am following this tutorial on getting started: I'm at the first step (IDE setup) and have installed Visual Studio 2017. I've followed all in instructions for this hello world program: using System; using UnityEngine; namespace HelloWorld { [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.MainMenu, false)] public class Hello : MonoBehaviour { public void Update() { Debug.Log("Hello world! " + Time.realtimeSinceStartup); } } } I made sure iI was compiling into a .NET 3.5 lib and that the necessary .dlls are referenced. I compiled into a .dll, put it into my GameData folder, but instead of Hello world I get a string of FileNotFoundexceptions: It works just fine if I get rid of "Time.realtimeSinceStartup," and I get the same error if I try to use "Time.time," etc. The exception is also common when I tried to follow this tutorial It looks like the HelloWorld.dll is loading, but it breaks when Update is called. Any help would be appreciated!