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  1. I couldn't find an answer to to this, so I finally registered here just to ask: If you want to switch models from seperate .mu files, how do you go about that? do you have to reference the second .mu file in the MODEL node? MODEL { model = PartOverhauls/Parts/Engine/JebsJunkyard/LV-303, PartOverhauls/Parts/Engine/JebsJunkyard/LV-303_Boattail } something like this?, before I can do this: Or am I doing something wrong about the syntax in the Partswitch Module? e.g. Or do the models HAVE to be in the same .mu file (which in this particular case I could do but prefer not to) I know all of the above to be wrong, I just can't find any documentation on the right way to do it. Any help would be much appreciated. (Yeah I'm not making a secret about what I'm trying to achieve here, don't worry nothing would be released without permission)