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  1. Hope issue with IR guided missile (798,792, BDA Plus 358) can be fixed, it really annoying since render heat guided missile practically useless.
  2. Thank you for this mod. This one of my essentials mod for flying inside atmosphere, it allow for stable flight, it even allow nose or tail heavy aircraft to fly straight
  3. Thank you. Hope this issue to get cleared, since I usually build small gun-optimized jet fighter with only IR missile without radar unit. Also for some reason once IR missile able to lock with radar lock, it will have 100% lock/hit , even with target aircraft beyond usual max missile range (like >20km) and spamming flares (although I only test it with Kerbalfield and SMI Missiles and Launchers's missile part, I will try using BDA's Sidewinder later when I got time)
  4. Nothing, except the IR/Heat missile guidance which doesn't lock without radar lock first. Only affect player-controlled vehicle (runaway project also get same issue) Anything else other than that is working perfectly
  5. Also it seems AI still able to lock with IR missile, only player-controlled have this issue. From Git issue tracker, It same issue with #792 and #798
  6. Hi, did now all heat-guided missile required radarlock first? because if I just use any heat missile without radar-locking enemy aircraft first, it wont lock even inside <900m range, while after locking with radar suddenly it able to lock enemy aircraft, even after locking it I unlock the radar-lock. Tested using sidewinder and missile from SMI Missiles and Launchers.
  7. Thanks, latest one on github solved it Also, maybe can update the link on spacedock, since it still 1.2, which make me though it was the latest version?
  8. Samehere, my command pod nearly all gone with konstruction installed KSP Log here (cant use pastebin, too big) However I unable to screenshot my gamedata, since I using mod manager2, which using virtual drive for mod, so it doesn't save at actual gamedata. I might try another time to test it again with usual mod installation at Gamedata
  9. for using GPS, on targeting camera select "Send to GPS" to add coordinate to GPS list "To GPS" is for set targeting camera to lock onto saved pre-selected GPS Coordinate
  10. Update : I just recently playing again after update to 1.7 , and got this bug again. Since I using GameDataSwitcher, I have copy KSP to outside steam folder to play it, and I try to copy squad folder from original ksp on steam folder to main KSP folder, and it works
  11. Just in case someone wonder, this repo is working in 1.7 (exactly like Lisias write)
  12. I also already try it, but still same So I just reinstall totally ksp
  13. Sorry for late respond (forget to reply) for the keybinding is not changed, still on default It seem due mod conflict, since I already try with reinstalling game while leave gamedata, and still unable to zoom The only fix I got is via totally reinstalling the game
  14. Just in case someone wondering, this mod still work on 1.5.1
  15. Hi, I just recently experience a problem, My KSP is suddenly unable to zoom in/out by mouse scroll on SPB and Flight, even it still able to scroll on parts catalog or on space centre, and still work like normal outside ksp. Here the screenshot from Gamedata My KSP log https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilsoed38eq9n72v/KSP_18112018.rar?dl=0 Many thanks in advance!
  16. I think you is open the zip file on dropbox, Since the file is Zip, you need to download the zip
  17. Ah, the Mk3S0 is pontoon right I will check on my sph again Finally I can build seaplane again on my KSP
  18. Hi, did on this latest update we got this floatplane part for landing on water? Because I try to search on SPH, but can't found it
  19. Hi, since update 1.4.x all my carrier instantly jumped out after spawned and all aircraft landed or take off from carrier explode (collided with "invisible" collider, from my console/debug). Is any fix for this one? (I saw on Aircraft Carrier Accessories thread someone say this due problem with invisible collider form KSP 1.4.x) My KJR from Linuxgurugames's KJR
  20. I also experience this, since creating a custom category. At first I thought it come from mod, but seem it came from the game itself.
  21. Any workaround for now? Maybe via some editing of mods file?
  22. Just realize, BDarmory on Spacedock instead VesselMover... Just luck, since actually I need BDarmory
  23. Well, I also experience this, especially with big parts ( seems due floating point error from my last log ) I will try with KJR for 1.4.2
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